Cozumel Cool Hostels in 2023: 10 Cheap and Cheerful Places to Crash

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If you’re looking to save money on your next vacation, consider staying at one of the new crop of hostels that are available in Cozumel, Mexico.

Not just for youth travelers anymore, the popularity of hostels for travel lodging has increased significantly in recent years.

Increased interest in solo travel and as Cozumel as a remote work destination are a couple factors, plus hostels themselves are (often) a heckuva lot nicer than they used to be, while still coming in at very low prices per night. 

Great Number of Hostels in Cozumel

Cozumel already has a great selection of very reasonable dive hotels and boutique hotels, but the most budget-focused travelers will be happy to hear that a few new hostels have joined some long-standing places to offer semi-shared living accommodations at incredibly low prices. 

There are several good hostels in Cozumel, with nightly rates ranging from $12 USD to $30 USD. These high-value accommodations attract explorers of all ages, and feature shared dorm-style living and semi-private lodging, all in close proximity to downtown San Miguel. Most have handy amenities for the budget traveler, like kitchen areas and shared bicycles. Hostels are ideal for inexpensive yet high-quality travel in Cozumel, MX. 

Being Cozumel, most of these cater to young backpacking types that are also of the SCUBA diving persuasion. Non-divers are also very welcome, though, of course. And who knows, you might get tempted by Cozumel’s awesome diving environment… 

Spotted eagle ray digging with beak in the sand near shallow dive site in Cozumel.
Eagle rays!

Introducing Cozumel’s Coolest Hostels

Cozumel’s coolest hostels are perfect if you’re spending some time on the island and really want to get to know the local vibe.

They’re also perfect if you’re here to complete your divemaster course training, or taking the IDC (instructor development course) and IE (PADI’s instructor exam) – both of which are offered at several great dive centers several times a year

Hostels are also a fun option if you and your friends are coming over from the other hotspots in the state of Quintana Roo or Riviera Maya for a few days – like Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

If you’re open to things like dorm beds and no-frills lodgings in exchange for a great budget hostel in/near San Miguel de Cozumel’s lively downtown, this list will give you the best ones to book.

Some hostels even offer semi-private or fully private bedrooms and baths. Often times, these carefully curated hostels are nicer and more pleasant than many of the cheapest hotels or AirBnB’s on the island. 

Hallway in Tropico 20 hostel in Cozumel.

Shop Around for the Best Cozumel Hostel Amenities

Consider things you might need or want, like free (and good) WiFi, an outdoor pool, bicycle use, communal kitchens, help with day trips or local excursions, luggage storage, use of credit cards (some are cash-only), proximity to the ferry pier, or city center, etc. 

Once you identify your own traveling wish-lists and deal-breakers, you’re ready to shop a bit and book a great place to stay in Cozumel at the right price point. 

Cozumel Hostels: Peaceful or Party Zones?

Hostel travel might be the best way to make friends from new places, but it can also run the risk of stressing you out (and ruining your needed sleep), especially if you land in an overly social place when you’re more of an introvert. 

Or vice versa! 

As a general rule, Cozumel hostels are not really known for a “party” atmosphere, according to, though some hostels on this list will potentially be louder than others. As we know, a lot of that is often just timing, though, or the luck of the draw.

Read on, go with your gut, and choose accordingly.  But be assured that all of these on our list have overall positive user reviews. 

(N.B. a few of the properties listed below have affiliate links via my preferred hotel booking service, both for ease and to potentially help support the work of this website. Using the links to book a stay in no way affects your price, it just helps me if you like the information provided. Thanks.) 

Amigos Hostel Cozumel

Amigos Hostel Cozumel gets very positive reviews from people, many of whom praise the friendly staff and use words like “lovely” and “clean”. A few even say it’s the best hostel they’ve ever stayed in

So far, so good!

Amigos Hostel is located in a residential area of San Miguel, perfect for people who like staying a bit further from the main touristy areas. 

It has a nice pool, garden, hammocks (natch), and a shared kitchen area if you want to make a few meals and save a few extra pesos. 

According to this place is great for older hostel travelers. 

Check Amigos Hostel Cozumel for availability at, right here.

Cozumel waterfront view from ferry terminal.
View of Cozumel waterfront from Auikyani

Hostel Auikyani

Auikyani has nearly perfect guest reviews, and gets praised for its cleanliness and convenience.

People love its proximity to the main Cozumel ferry from Playa (1 block away), and right next door to Cozumel’s new hip coffee/bar/art extravaganza known as Aqui y Ahora (here and now).

Foosball and pool table, anyone? 

Not to mention that it is along the waterfront and has daily Cozumel sunsets included in the very low rates. 

It’s a great place for photo ops all around, that is for sure. 

Auikyani does have weekend parties, though, so if you value quiet above all else and don’t want to risk it being one of the party hostels, it might not be the best bet.

Though it definitely is one of the most stylish hostels, and that coffee house is super cool…and good food there, too, including some veggie options.

According to Auikyani is really good for those traveling solo. 

Check the Auikyani Hostel in Cozumel rates and availability at, here

Hostel Tropico 20

Hostel Tropico 20 is another small and super-affordable hostel right on the waterfront malecón in Cozumel, so you’ll be close to the main drag, the Museum, and a lot of great restaurants, including Cozumel’s perennial favorite for exquisite Italian, Guido’s

The Tropico 20 has a really cool modern vibe with great design style and colorful loungy areas. (just based on design alone, this would likely be my pick)

You have to see this place! 

Even though it appears to be among the cheapest hostels in Cozumel, it definitely looks like one of the most photogenic. 

For more pics and the latest rates and availability, check out Tropico 20 here

Casa del Solar

Casa del Solar is not technically a hostel, but it has a lot of similar characteristics – including super reasonable rates. 

Hiding in plane sight on Avenida 5 – right in the heart of Centro – Casa del Solar is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. 

From the street you’d never even realize it was there (a common experience with various local homes and venues), but once you enter and relax into the backyard garden and pool area, you’ll be glad you did. 

It also happens to be right near one of my absolute favorite taco joints, La Clasica.

Check out the rates and availability for Casa del Solar right here

Guisados taco joint in Cozumel
Another awesome taco spot

Village Tan Kah

While not a hostel, exactly, this small quaint lodging is perfect for no-frills dive travel with plenty of personality. 

Located in the southern hotel zone, Tan Kah is right across the street from two great dive shops (Cozumel Marine World, which is my one-and-only personal favorite, and the well-loved Roberta’s Scuba Shack), so if you’re in Cozumel for Diving, this might be a great budget option. 

Very close to Ernesto’s famous fajita restaurant, as well as Casa del Mar restaurant, the Del Mar Latino beach club and music venue, plus a very short walk to Sereno’s rooftop bar and restaurant – one of our top picks for sunset cocktails or a truly top-notch culinary dinner for couples.

Tan Kah rooms have refrigerators, coffee makers, and even a blender upon request, but no TVs or land-line phones. Close to the southern cruise ports.

Check availability and rates for Village Tan Kah directly on the Scuba Shack website, HERE

Hostel Casa Samay

The Casa Samay hostel sometimes flies under the radar, but it’s perfect 5-star rating on Google made me stand up and take notice. Plus, it appears that Casa Samay’s rooms are just that – private rooms. (yay!) 

Located a bit further into the locals’ area of Centro, Casa Samay is convenient to a ton of great Cozumel restaurants and another ton of useful stores and services, like bank branches, good hair and nail salons, and that cool place to get your oil changed…

But I digress!

Reviewers of Casa Samay hostel agree that it’s convenient and very walkable to everything in town. 

They also universally rave about Samay’s hosts, and call it clean, cozy, colorful, comfortable, and charming.  The best 5 C’s a traveler’s hostel could get, no? 

Find out more about Casa Samay on their own cute (there’s another C!) website right here

Bright cheery entrance to Kusam craft beer bar.

El Hostelito

Hostelito Cozumel is adorable, and may have the most overall reviews on Google, with an average rating of 4.2.  People love the atmosphere, and that it’s clean and cool. 

A colorful, Mexican-inspired dwelling, Hostelito has several shared outdoor spaces including a cute outdoor pool, and areas to cook and share food, and share some good diving stories. 

Located right along the central plaza on colonia Centro, as well as near to tons of great hole-in-the-wall restaurants (including their own!), bars, and shopping. 

Check out the cute vibes and great rates of Hostelito at here

2Tank Dive Hostel 

Permanently Closed (2022)

Hotel PAL

Hotel PAL in Cozumel has the location down, for sure. 

Right to the rear of San Miguel’s central plaza with loads of shopping and good cheap eats, Hotel PAL also has an awesome roof deck with loungers, a small pool,  a shaded eating area, and a killer view. 

The rooms look pretty simple and standard, though several reviewers complained about the overall cleanliness. 

Probably worth a look, though, if you’re on a budget and want to be right in the heart of downtown. 

See the Hotel PAL website for availability and current pricing. 

Blue Magic Hostel

Blue Magic Hostel is associated with Blue Magic diving, which makes it a great place for someone coming to the island to get in some dive instruction – like open water on up to divemaster. 

The Hostel is big and has a cool palapa structure and an outdoor swimming pool.

It may suffer by comparison in terms of visuals and up to date fixtures and modern amenities. BUT most reviewers appreciate how clean it is kept, and the value if using their dive services. 

Blue Magic Hostel is also always improving, and in 2022 are replacing all of their beds, for example. So if you’re looking for a good solid choice that’s off the beaten path for a local vibe, this place is a good option to include in your search. 

Compare the Blue Magic Hostel at their own website, right here

Did I miss any good ones?  Please let me know!! Use the contact page here on the blog. 

If you’re thinking of going up a notch, check out some cool boutique hotels in Cozumel right here

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Oh, and more coffee shops.  Definitely more coffee shops