What’s COZ Info’s Story?

First of all, it’s about the diving.

Cozumel’s world-class SCUBA diving brought me to the island over and over for dive trips.

Diving in Cozumel led to spending more and more time here: diving here, eating here, exploring the island, trying the excursions, learning the history, and making lots of new friends.

Woman diving underwater in blue along a coral reef wall in Cozumel.
Rachel of CozInfo in her favorite place: Diving in Cozumel

If you love diving, you’ll have a hard time finding a dive destination that is more satisfying than Cozumel, Mexico.

And, if you’re like the team behind COZInfo.com, sooner or later, you might have a hard time leaving!

Author Rachel's image of a spotted eagle ray while scuba diving in Cozumel.
Cozumel spotted eagle ray – always a thrill

Cozumel Scuba Diving is a Must!

The huge number of repeat dive customers here can vouch for that.

Even if you don’t scuba dive, there’s still a ton of popular things to see and do in Cozumel.

After living here for several years now, and running a local tour company for a few of them, I’ve done a lot of poking around and exploring.

I’ve found a ton of delicious places to eat and drink, fun excursions, gorgeous Mexican art forms, fun shopping, and creative local businesses.

Sunset picture over pool reflection and ocean beach front at Nachi Cocom Beach Club in Cozumel
Another stunning Cozumel sunset – I love this daily treat!

Turnover is high here for some entrepreneurs, and even great places have come and gone.

CozInfo.com is here all year to keep up with all the changes and new things to see and try, while constantly sharing the love and respect for so many of the island’s favorite local restaurants, independent hotels, charming boutiques, and professional services of all kinds that are mainstays in Cozumel.

So many wonderful small businesses in Cozumel that are still very much alive and going strong.

Underlying all of it in Cozumel, herself.

A beautiful tropical island that’s cultivated a warm and bright tapestry of cool people, humor, hospitality, family life, art, music, dance, cuisine, creativity, and entrepreneurship – all with the near-daily backdrop of sunny blue skies and warm breezes.

And that coral reef…

It’s just a great place to visit.

Do you Have More Cozumel Questions?

If you need help choosing what to do in Cozumel, browse around the site for our FAQ page, and fun articles on the blog, and you’ll likely find something new to try.

And if not, get in touch using the contact page and ask a question! 

Thanks for visiting! 

About Me

Hi, thanks for hanging out here on cozinfo.com for a while. My name is Rachel, and I fell hard for SCUBA diving, and soon after for Cozumel’s reefs, people, and culture as a frequent vacation scuba diver here for the past 20 years.  

After decades of working hard in NYC, and a few tough life changes, I decided life was getting shorter and there were more adventures to be had. 

I intended to take a year off to go diving in some of the more endangered diving destinations in the world, but first I signed up with my favorite Cozumel dive shop to earn my PADI divemaster certification. After a nice looong divemaster internship on the active Cozumel dive boats, I made some great friends, met someone, one thing led to another, and…I just… kind of…never left.

Now it’s been years of learning the ropes, diving in Cozumel (and occasionally elsewhere) whenever I can, making friends, studying Spanish, investing back into the Cozumel economy and community, and securing my Mexican dual-residency.

It still feels like an adventure and I have much more to learn, but Cozumel is definitely my second home, and I try very hard to highlight all the wonderful things for people to see and do here on the island.

Thanks for being here!

~ Rachel Schreck

Author at Coconuts bar in Cozumel wearing SCUBA  baseball hat circa 2016.
At Coconuts in Cozumel with my brother and a local palm grasshopper friend.

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And about 7 years of my personal underwater photos from Cozumel at Instagram @schreckrachel

My Experience and Related Info:


  • PADI divemaster certification since 2016
  • NAUI (OWS – Rescue) & YMCA (OWS)
  • Well over 2K dives, and counting. The vast majority of those have been here in Cozumel.


  • Palau
  • Great Barrier Reef / Ribbon Reefs
  • Sydney, AUS (awesome nudis! but have to go back for the weedy sea dragon…)
  • La Paz, MX
  • Cuba (Jardines de la Reina)
  • Roatan, Honduras
  • Isla Guadalupe, MX (one and done. great white sharks are amazing.)
  • Costa Rica
  • Key Largo, Florida


  • Cozumel: Life Underwater – printed 9×12″ full color wall calendar, 2018, 2019, and 2020. (**COVID-19 has put 2021 on ice, and after hemming and hawing, I’m not currently planning on doing any more.)
  • Guest author for posts at Mozaik UW Cameras blog
  • Guest blog post for Cozumel Underwater Photography School blog 
  • www.divetripgoods.com – e-commerce site with T-shirts & other merch made from original dive pics

BLOGGING TOOLS & RESOURCES – currently under revision**

After years of teaching myself how to make WordPress sites, create content, wragle SEO strategies, etc., I’m far from perfect, but I am pretty well versed in hosting, themes, ad providers, images, algorithms, and various types of site optimization.

I’ve also had great and not-so-great experiences with different SaaS tools, YouTube gurus, and digital course work.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog about your favorite hobby, vacation spot, save some of the time I wasted with these reliable website development software and educational resources.

My favorite valuable tools that I actually use and honestly like enough to recommend publicly are listed here:

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Blogging InstructionIncome SchoolIncome School’s Project 24 is an encouraging, informative, and no-BS course on blogging strategies and independent online income.
KadenceWPTheme and WP blocks
Living list of blog/web tools I use and like. (ongoing – will edit as necessary)