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Cozumel for Divers

At its heart, this is a website by and for die-hard Cozumel SCUBA divers.  If you love diving, you will be hard-pressed to find a diving destination that is more satisfying than Cozumel – and the huge number of repeat dive travelers can vouch for that. 

Cozumel’s diving conditions and visibility are consistently good all year, there is a good variety of dive sites and coral formations, the marine life is varied and plentiful, and the fun, friendly and professional divemasters, instructors, captains and crews are incredible.  It’s truly hard to imagine a place where diving could be more infused into the economy, culture, and lifestyle of everyone in the community. 

Cozumel for Everyone

That said, after many years as a resident and owner of a licensed tour company here, I’ve explored block after block and many off-road paths of Cozumel, to find its amazing tapestry of humor, warmth, hospitality, family life, art, music, dance, cuisine, creativity, entrepreneurship – all with the backdrop of sunny blue skies and warm gentle breezes.

I can tell you, the island is about a lot more than diving.  

And definitely about a LOT more than cruise ships. 

Cozumel’s New and Noteworthy

The CozInfo blog, and monthly newsletter for subscribers, aims to freshen up the level information on Cozumel out there.   This is not your same old “Top 10” list (that hasn’t changed in 15 years…). 

Instead, CozInfo is intent on showcasing the new, fresh, and current “Best of Cozumel” and recommending tried and trusted resources to our readers. We have our favorites, but all reviews and recommendations on this site are honest and from first-hand experience. 

I surely WILL talk about my best diving days and marine life encounters. I can’t help myself – it’s what brought me here!

But the real goal is to help ALL visitors to Cozumel island – long time fans, and first timers, alike – expand their views and preconceived notions, explore new areas, and be encouraged to try some of the countless and best hidden gems on land, as well. 

We want to convince you to dedicate a few more of your hours here to venture out of your usual routine. Try new and different adventures in nature. Get off the main drag and find some unique and handmade art, clothing, and gifts. Try a different loving and local mom-and-pop restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, or street food treat.  Wander around with your camera to see, hear, and taste this fun and pretty place.  

And then at the end of each day…find the “best” spot to kick back and relax, by the bright blue waters all around us, and watch the daily sunset that will likely knock your socks off.

Please browse through all of the articles here on the full website, and if you can’t find something that interests you, just get in touch!  We’re happy to find out what you like and make some suggestions. 

woman diving on coral reef in blue water

About Rachel Schreck

I fell in love with Cozumel’s reefs, people and culture as a frequent vacation scuba diver here for nearly 15 years.

After decades of a stressful NYC career, and some painful personal losses, I decided life was getting shorter, and there was still a lot of youthful adventure in these (then) 46-year-old bones. 

So, like in the movies, I sold my nice apartment, quit my good job, and set off on adult gap-year. 
And my first stop?  Cozumel.  

But then I never left!

woman in baseball hat with fake grasshopper toy

I’m now a certified divemaster, underwater photography enthusiast, and spend as much time as I can diving along Cozumel’s incredible coral reefs – and taking thousands of pictures. I do my best to study up on local fish and reef creature identification, and the diving-related blog articles give me a good excuse to reach out to marine biologists in the field, learn as much as I can about the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef’s marine environment, and share that with all of you. 

When I’m not underwater, I run this blog, do some freelance writing, and poke around my new home away from home. I’ve taken classes, gotten involved in a local yoga studio, made many friends, and learned a lot about local holidays and customs.  On dry days, you can often find me walking around and looking for cool street art, new shops, fun ingredients to try, local culture, great food, and beautiful craftsmanship around every corner. 

As a resident here, and a former museum educator and exhibit- and user-experience design-build professional, I’ve also tried and tested many of the fun and interesting things to do in Cozumel. I’ve “kicked the tires,” so to speak, and I definitely stand behind what I recommend.

But truly, the list never ends!

Cozumel’s rich culture and natural beauty on land are just as delightful as Cozumel’s scuba diving


If you need help choosing what to do in Cozumel, browse around the site for our FAQ page, and fun articles on the Blog, and you’ll likely find something new to try. And if not, get in touch and ask a question!  I’m always happy to do a little research – especially about something cool here on the island. 

There are rich histories and traditions in Cozumel, but always something new to learn.  

You’ll love it, too.

 Thanks for visiting! 


  • PADI Divemaster
  • DAN CPR, EO2, and Marine Life First Aid 
  • NAUI Rescue, Nitrox, Advanced, and Open Water
  • YMCA Open Water
  • DEMA member
  • Owner/creator www.divetripgoods.com – fun little “side-hustle” e-commerce site, with goodies I designed and created from my original underwater photographs


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