Pangeaseed: Seawalls in Action

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Pangeaseed: Paint with a Purpose

Pangeaseed Seawalls Cozumel 2019 is Underway

The Paneaseed Foundation’s Seawalls painting festival is ON, and I’m so excited to see the progress!  For more information on the local mural project, click here.

I have my eye on one special one right in my own backyard, by the very awesome artist from CDMX, Pogo.   I will be sharing pics!

Don’t miss these paintings when you’re in Cozumel!

Rachel Schreck

Rachel plugs away at when she's not diving, taking underwater photos, or trying a new local restaurant. After decades of working on some mighty fine design projects in NYC, she took a gap year to pursue her divemaster training in Cozumel...and never quite made it back.