Pangeaseed: Seawalls in Action
Pangeaseed: Paint with a Purpose

Pangeaseed: Seawalls in Action

Pangeaseed Seawalls Cozumel 2019 is Underway

The Paneaseed Foundation’s Seawalls painting festival is ON, and I’m so excited to see the progress!  Check out the first VIDEO, below:

I have my eye on one special one right in my own backyard, by the very awesome artist from CDMX, Pogo.   I will be sharing pics!

Pangeaseed Foundation is documenting the Seawalls Cozumel 2019 event, and the first video is now released.  It highlights all the hard prep work and field study the artists and production team put in.

Message from Pangeaseed:

We’re so honored to be back in Mexico this week for @seawalls_ Cozumel!

@pangeaseed Foundation’s @seawalls_ team has hit the ground running reconnecting with this beautiful and unique island where we painted close to 40 murals in 2015.

Stay tuned for updates as our ARTivists create a new series of environmental ocean themed public artworks for @pangeaseed Foundation’s second large-scale activation of 2019 presented by @proyectopanorama.

Gracias to @pinturascomex for sponsoring all of our acrylic paint and materials! ?”

? by @yoshi_travel | 2015 footage/edit by Pharmacy Co.

#pangeaseed #seawalls #cozumel #seawallscozumel #protectwhatyoulove #ARTivism #paintforapurpose

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