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Best Fun & Offbeat Ways to Get Around Cozumel in 2024

We’ve already covered how plentiful, safe and easy Cozumel taxis are in this other post. But here in this post, we want to get you off the boring old main drag, and get you around in some off-beat and fun ways.

Cars and motos (motor bikes) are the most common modes of efficient transportation in Cozumel. But who needs pure efficiency when you’re on vacation?? On a carefree island vacation, you want some fun infused into everything.

Cozumel offers many fun ways to get around the island. If you want to skip the cars and motorbikes, you can find cool ways to see the sights using other enjoyable means like bicycles, e-bikes, trolleys, buses, scooters, dune buggies, 4x4s, and boats of various sizes.

You might be in avid traveler mode and want to see as many sights as possible while on vacation, or just an easy way to get back and forth to the beach.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for a more novel Cozumel excursion??

Consider some of these alternative ways in this post of getting around (or under, or above…) Cozumel island to add some fun and local interest to you next Cozumel vacation.

Options of (Fun) Transportation in Cozumel

If you read our related post on the most common dangers for visitors, you’ll know that we strongly recommend using the many taxis on the island, and don’t really recommend motos / mopeds for most. (It’s a safety thing…)

If you’re looking to move around and see more of the place than just the ferry pier, consider some of these modes of transportation to get you out of the ordinary and into some fun new places and perspectives.

Author's image of bright orange dune buggy vehicle parked on the side of the coastal road in Cozumel, with bright blue ocean in the background.
Dune buggies for rent in Cozumel

Bicycle and e-Bike Rentals in Cozumel

Renting bicycles while you’re in town is a great way to cruise along the coastlines and visit some remote beaches, friendly beach bars, and interesting souvenir stands.

You need to stay alert while riding bikes around the island.

With the introduction of a long two-way dedicated bike path that runs from just south of downtown all the way to the southern coastal road, though, biking is even safer now, and growing more and more popular.

Biking is not just for the many triathletes in Cozumel anymore.

It’s also a great way to save some money and get some activity to burn off some of those great local tacos we told you about, never mind the sweet churros and best tropical drinks.

Cozumel has a number of good bicycle rental shops downtown. Many of them will arrange to have a bicycle delivered to your hotel or vacation rental as part of their service.

Consider renting an e-bike, which is a fun and efficient way to see the sights. They’re a great way to cover more ground in a short time and to avoid the heat.

E-bikes are not needed to get around the area in the center of town, but are great for the longer stretches of road as you move north, south, or east of downtown.

You can even take e-bike guided tours, like this one to Punta Sur eco beach park, or this one for some great snorkeling at one of the west coast’s favorite beach clubs, Sky Reef. 

These e-bikes move fast, though, so always wear a helmet.

Don’t become new fodder for our next round-up of the most common hazards in Cozumel

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E-Bikes Tour of Cozumel Island's 'Wild Side'

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The New Cozumel Trolley

It doesn’t get much safer than a leisurely ride and guided tour of San Miguel in the new Cozumel Trolley.

With tour routes that hit a lot of the top sightseeing spots around downtown Cozumel, this is a place where families can enjoy a fun outing together. The Trolley may also provide one of the cheapest ways to get around Cozumel, especially as a way to take a spin around the main areas and get acclimated, without breaking the bank.

The trolley is air-conditioned, equipped with a wheel-chair lift, and offers clean bottled water for all guests.

It’s also possible to rent out the trolley for private parties. (this would be a great way to get guests to and from a Cozumel destination wedding, for example, or maybe a special birthday celebration on your Cozumel cruise ship day in port.)

To book a trolley tour of downtown Cozumel, click here.

Trolley Tour of San Miguel de Cozumel
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Cozumel red trolley tour vehicle riding past the Corpus Christi church.
Cozumel Trolley tour

Take Cozumel Off-Road

Go for an adventure where the paved road ends, and navigate the island in open-air Jeeps or Razrs.

A little more risky than a trolley ride, I suppose, but signing up for one of Cozumel’s dune buggy or Jeep tours is a good opportunity to get off road and experience the islands various natural areas – especially if you’re traveling with some friends.

Topping this list is the cool and eco-friendly Cozumel Lighthouse Project tour that takes off-roaders up to the Northern most tip of the island to see the Punta Molas lighthouse, stop for lunch and snorkeling, and help the island by doing a mini-beach cleanup – a unique and rare experience!

Find out more at the Lighthouse Project website here.

Mountain Bikes and Hiking Trails

A more rugged experience than the e-bikes above, a mountain bike excursion in Cozumel’s northern jungle areas will be excellent mind-body exercise for adventure travelers.

It’s also a great chance to see deep woods, some traces of Mayan history near the San Gervasio archaeological site, and chance encounters with wildlife, including some of Cozumel’s amazing array of wild birds.

Hit the trails and work up a sweat before hitting the beach again for some great snorkeling.

Try Expeditions Cozumel to get into nature and explore with an expert.

Wild Cozumel Water Vehicles

If adventure is your thing but you’re more of a water baby, make time in your schedule to try some of Cozumel’s favorite water sports.

Don’t SCUBA dive? No problem.

You can still get up close and personal to the clear blue Caribbean – and some neat local marine life.

Just a few options, below:

Sink Below the Surface in Cozumel’s Submarine Ride

The closest thing to diving will be the famous Atlantis Submarine tour.

Picture by this author. View underwater of Atlantis Submarine near C-53 shipwreck dive site in Cozumel
Atlantis Submarine near C-53 shipwreck dive site in Cozumel

Spend a while cruising under the water from the safety of a small submarine. You’ll get glimpses of the well-known coral reefs, and likely cross paths with lots of tropical fish, different types of sea turtles, and big rays.

Keep your eyes open as you motor past the ship wreck for groups of another fascinating species: SCUBA divers.

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Cozumel Submarine Experience

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Parasailing Over Cozumel Island

Being right on the water is great. Flying sky high above it? Definitely a unique perspective.

Contact a good local parasailing outfit and book your chance to get sent up like a kite and fly over the western coastline of Cozumel.

San Miguel de Cozumel Parasailing & Beach Break
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You’ll get a bird’s eye view of Cozumel’s sandy beaches, resorts, and the shimmering turquoise waters of the national marine park just below you.

Parasailing is suitable for almost all ages, and while a good thrill, it’s actually pretty easy and very low risk…

…except for the sun! Be sure to wear a good UPF-rated water shirt or long-sleeved rash guard top like this for any extended water activities.

You should also pack some truly reef-safe sunscreen so you can protect yourself while protecting our resident sea turtles, sharks, fish and of course the beautiful coral reefs.

Use this link below and enter “COZINFO” code at checkout to save 10% on our one and only pick for reef-friendly sun and skin products here at the small but mighty Stream2Sea line.

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Stand-up Paddleboarding in Cozumel

I’ve already touted how cool some local SUP action is, especially in our related post about the best eco-friendly excursions you can take in Cozumel.

So go read all about it, and when you’re ready, book with the absolute SUP pros, right downtown.

And like the other water outings, above, don’t forget a good UPF rated rashguard top for sun protection, and/or some reef-safe sunscreen.

a few people using stand-up paddleboards in remote mangrove area of Cozumel.
SUP tour in Cozumel’s Norther Mangroves

Clearboat for a Clear View of the Cozumel Reefs

Glass bottom boats are fun, especially for kids. Look for small glass-bottome snorkel tours all along the downtown shoreline.

But if you’re ready for the next step up in clearness, the new Clearboat tours really gets you and your family feeling like you’re right IN the water without even getting wet.

Of course, you will get wet if you take advantage of swimming and snorkeling from the Clearboat.

This is a fun day out, especially if you have some older kids in the mix. Life jackets, water, etc. are provided, but you need to bring the rash guard top or sun-blocking camp shirt, and the high quality reef-safe sunscreen mentioned above.

Cozumel's Clear Boat Experience - Swim & Snorkel
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Sailing for a Serene Cozumel

Serene can still be fun! Cozumel sailing excursions come in many forms – sail up to the secluded Passion Island area, go snorkeling in Cozumel’s famous el Cielo, or just cruise around and enjoy the food and flowing drinks.

Sailing is one of out top picks for eco-friendly things to do in Cozumel, so bonus point for that.

And if you’re here for a romantic getaway or wondering if Cozumel’s good for couples (A: yes!), wonder no more. Perhaps a sunset sail with a champagne toast and some moonlit swimming?

If you’re up for some fun in the sun with a group, try an awesome and active catamaran cruise like this one.

Or if you want something a bit more tailored, look into the group outings by Cozumel Sailing.

Board a Cozumel Pirate Ship

The Cozumel Pirate Ship dinner cruise is one of the most popular outings in town.

Known for kitchy fun and good food, the pirate cruise is fun for all ages.

Be prepared for lots of drinks, big portions of surf and turf, and audience participation. 

Find out more on availability go straight to the source, right HERE

Cozumel Passenger Ferry

You may already have a fun and pleasant boat trip in your future.

If you are flying into Cancun and doing the Cozumel “bag drag” (step-by-step info HERE), you’re sure to enjoy at least one leg of your journey on one of Cozumel’s two passenger ferries.

Not exactly an excursion, but the ferry rides from the ferry terminal to and from Playa del Carmen are still easy, fun, and pleasant ways to enjoy some local live music, fresh air, and fun.

Read all about Cozumel’s “people ferries” right here.

Ultramar passenger ferry docked in Cozumel, Mexico.
Ultramar ferry in Cozumel

Minibuses and Taxi Vans for Cozumel’s Group Tours

If you’re in Cozumel with a big family or a group and want to get around the entire island, don’t forget that there are minibus and large van tour options.

Many local taxi drivers are also trained local guides. So look for lager taxi vans and agree to a price for a custom tour around the island, or just a ride to and from your family dinner.

Fun, Secure, Tour at Your Own Pace
Private Driver & Van: Safely Explore Island and Relax

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You can also arrange for a larger minibus or full bus through the Uniper bus hire and rental company, located on the island of Cozumel.

They have great options if you’re planning a wedding in Cozumel, for example.

Or maybe you have a bachelorette party planned, or a family reunion trip with lots of kids and adults.

Bus and mini-bus tours/rides are convenient, economical (vs. individual cabs), and enjoyable if you want to keep the whole gang together.

Local drivers are knowledgeable, fun, and friendly. And you can move around at your pace, with plenty of time to stop at public beaches and beach bars and enjoy any and all local culture without feeling rushed.

Ask your hotel concierge for help, or contact the Uniper bus company in Cozumel right here.

Golf Carts are not Allowed on the Island of Cozumel

This is a very common question.

Golf carts are not used as transport in Cozumel.

They are utilized on Isla Mujeres, which is another small Caribbean island off the coast of Cancun.

And therein lies a lot of the confusion!

Cozumel does not have golf carts for sale or rent, and golf cars are not permitted to be driven on Cozumel roadways.

Don’t Forget the Travel Insurance, Please

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