Coffee Lovers Guide to Cozumel -12 Cool Coffee Spots

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When my friends visit me in Cozumel and end up at a certain large US coffee chain… it makes me crazy! This tiny island has some of the coolest and most charming coffee shops anywhere.

Mexico, in general, has a great reputation for coffee, and as a nation is among the top 10 producers in the world. 

As in other parts of Mexico, people in Cozumel take their coffee seriously. 

So if you’re a coffee fiend, or if you’re looking for some of the best places to log on and do some remote working, you’ve got to add some of these local places to your list to get your Cozumel coffee fix next time you’re in town.

There are lots of excellent coffee spots in Cozumel that drip with charm and friendly service.  Many coffee specialists on the island source their beans from various regions within Mexico, namely Chiapas and Oaxaca. Several do their own roasting here and work to set themselves apart with high-quality varietals and the latest techniques, from cold brews to coffee cocktails. 

To have a more local experience – and learn a thing or two about coffee beans, roasting, and finishing in the process – coffee fanatics should head straight to these local Cozumel coffee experts, listed below.

Best Cozumel Coffee Shops

Cozumel island does have Starbucks coffee.  In fact, there are two locations, one right near the ferry terminal, and the other one a few blocks south at the Punta Langosta cruise ship arrival mall.  Die-hard Starbucks fans will be glad to know it’s here and available in Cozumel. The Ultramar fleet of Cozumel ferries also have mini-Starbucks counters on board now, and you’ll find several Starbucks in Playa del Carmen, as well.

But come on!  You’re in Mexico! Let’s get you out exploring a little bit here with this guide to some of Cozumel’s best local coffee shops in town.  

Not only will you get great coffee – and if you’re smart, a sweet baked treat – but you’ll get a taste of the local Cozumel lifestyle, as well. 

El Coffee Cozumel (formerly Coffee Bean)

El Coffee Cozumel is one of the oldest and most beloved coffee cafes in downtown San Miguel de Cozumel, and in my heart will always rank Numero Uno. 

And trust me, it deserves all the praise and loyalty from the locals that it gets. 

A lovely space with almost old-world charm, El Coffee Coz is run by coffee aficionados who hand source and roast beans on the side (you can buy whole beans there, as well). 

Beyond the amazing coffee is a full array of beautiful homemade pastries – rich cakes, fruit and cream tarts, delicious cookies, quiches, and more.  You can also enjoy savory treats for breakfast and lunch.  It’s an awesome spot, and a great place to stop in each morning and experience some of the local life. 

And don’t forget to pick up a bag of their own roasted coffee to brew yourself!

El Coffee Cozumel – Downtown Centro.  Calle 3,  between Melgar Av. and Av. 5

Coffee with swirl of cream in tall glass.

K’ooben Laab

K’ooben Laab is an absolute gem and has Cozumel swooning over its incredible food since about 2018.  

Known more as the new best contender for homemade pasta and bread, it’s also a true coffee lover’s spot. 

They now share their deep knowledge of coffee beans, roasting processes, levels of finish, and brewing methods to enhance the product and the experience. 

Order one of their amazing cold brews and prepare for a lesson, and one of the best (or at least most unique) cups of coffee you’ve ever had.  (And you really must eat dinner there, too!)

K’ooben Laab – Centro.  Av. 30 between Morelos and Calle 5 (west side of Av.)

Ciri’s Coffee Bar

I know Ciri’s Coffee Bar in Cozumel mainly because it’s run by a family member of another friend I met through yoga.

It just goes to show you that there are a ton of lovely family-owned places here in Cozumel that don’t necessarily make the guide books or the TV ads on the ferry. 

Ciri’s is an absolute charmer, and luckily for me, home to one of the best cappuccinos I’ve had since I moved here! 

Tucked into a nice spot on Calle 65 (one of the main commerce roads in Centro), you can easily pull over and pop in for a caffeine boost and a cupcake. You can also buy some beans or ground coffee to go.  Friendly staff, too! 

Ciri’s Coffee Bar – Centro. Av. 65 between Calles 19S and 21S (west side of Av.)

Aqui Y Ahora Internet Coffee House

Aqui y Ahora (here and now, in Spanish) is a large new coffee cafe right in the heart of downtown Cozumel, right across from the ferry terminal.

Perfect for digital nomads in Cozumel, as well as anyone who is waiting or a ferry, this warm and stylish place doesn’t stop there.

Interior of Aqui y Ahora with view to Caribbean Sea
Interior view from Aqui y Ahora

They have a large menu with lots of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. Aqui y Ahora also has many vegetarian selections to suit Cozumel’s growing green and plant-based scene.

But carnivores, don’t worry! You can still find lots of choices in the meat and dairy range, as well as a great assortment of fresh baked goods.

Stop in here to recharge yourself, and your phone. And pay attention to various posters in the place – they support local artists, and often have local art gracing the walls (for sale) and lots of parties and seasonal events, open to all.

Aqui y Ahora – Rafael Melgar Ave., across from the ferry.

Coz Roasters

Located in a great spot in Cozumel’s central Plaza or zócalo (a block north of the clock tower, just beyond 7-11), Coz Coffee Roasters is in a neat, sunny building with shaded tables outside, and lots of people-watching potential. But the real draw is the coffee and their occasional roasting demonstrations.  

Probably their claim to fame in town is their specialty “peanut butter coffee.”  I was a skeptic, but I have seen the light!  Try one for yourself and let me know…

Coz Roasters – Central Plaza.  Av. 5 Sur, between 7-11 and Dick’s Dive

Oaxalma Cafe

Oaxalma is a new coffee bar in Cozumel, specializing in coffees from Oaxaca. 

Oaxalma has a hip modern design, and lots of things to try – great coffee, but also cold brews and blends, specialty honey, horchata frappes, breakfast parfaits, and more.  

Oaxalma Cafe – Centro.  Calle 4 N, between Avs. 5 & 10

Zermatt Bakery Panadería y Pastelería Fina

Zermatt was one of those places that stopped me in my tracks when I was exploring Cozumel on foot as a proud, new resident.  Close to the downtown plaza, this place just had a cooler, more established feel. 

Walking in, I was almost knocked over by the delicious smell of bread, puffed pastry and cakes.  But my first taste was their rich, black coffee, and I loved it.  

Grab a tray, a set of tongs, and choose a few treats from the baskets set out (this is the way you do it in Mexico).  Bring the tray to the counter, and they’ll wrap up your goodies to go, or you can get a plate and sit at one of their cafe tables. 

Now I try to stop in whenever I’m in the area.  Cute older place, and delicious any time of day. 

Zermatt Bakery Panadería y Pastelería Fina – Centro. Av. 5 N, at corner of Calle 4 N. 

Mundaca Coffee Bar

Part of the Mundaca family of cool accommodations in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, this small, cute coffee bar is located just next to the Mundaca Villas near the Corpus Christi church, one block behind Chedraui.

Mundaca coffee bar outdoor courtyard.
Mundaca’s outdoor patio

With lots of baked treats and their pride – panini sandwiches – Mundaca has all the usual specialty coffee suspects. Great if you’re staying south of town.

Just north of the corner of Calle 17 and Ave. 5 Sur (bis)

Adela Cafe

This little cafe is adorable and has delicious barista coffee drinks, savory foods, and a knockout selection of sweets like sticky buns, stuffed donuts, and brioche.  It’s great.

Centro. Calle 5 S, between Melgar and Av. 5. (Across the street from the Int’l Hospital)

La Lechoneria

This cute Cuban-inspired cafe features lots of dishes with lechon, or roast young pig, as well as cuban sandwiches, frappes, and a lot of breakfast dishes.

Interior of La Lechoneria cafe in Cozumel
La Lechonería cafe

The delicious coffee is strong and rich, and worth a visit here – especially if you’re poking around near el Mercado Municipal, which is right down the street, about a block away.

On the corner of Av. 25 and Calle 1

Maple Bake House

Cool cafe with obvious bakery chops.  Maple’s coffee is delicious.  

Main location: Centro. Calle 6 N between Melgar and Av. 5

Sucré Salé

A very real French pastry shop in the heart of Cozumel, this cute cafe has delicious breakfasts, amazing confections and great coffee.  

Centro.  Calle 2 N, between Avs. 5 and 10

And so the list goes on…I’m sure I’ll find another new one next week! 

Please don’t be shy, and keep trying all of these little Cozumel foodie finds while you’re strolling around town here – I’ve yet to be disappointed.