Don’t Miss These 13 Cool Boutique Hotels in Cozumel

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Xik'nal garden with pool

Cozumel has been doing boutique hotels before boutique hotels were cool. And the best boutique hotels in Cozumel offer the most unique places to stay on the island, at the most affordable prices. Bonus if you love architecture, design, cool style, and some custom amenities. 

For those travelers who like the culture and food scene of downtown Cozumel, and don’t want to stay in a large Cozumel all-inclusive resort, or one of Cozumel’s iconic dive hotels, these special lodgings in the more central hotel zone of the island will happily welcome you.

You’ll find a ton of great recommendations, below.  

Cozumel has endless lodging options including dozens of pretty and affordable boutique hotels. With handsome traditional Mexican architectural details, traditional materials, home-cooked regional meals, and other signature amenities, the island’s impressive crop of boutique hotels can fend off larger new resorts based on beauty and charm, alone. 

This list is not exhaustive, but includes several of the most popular independent boutique hotels for cool places to stay in Cozumel – all of which are in walking distance to lots of attractions.

And it starts off with my own personal favorite… 

Mi Casa en Cozumel – Architectural Marvel

Hands down my favorite unique lodging in Cozumel, this is a property that has to be seen to be believed. 

A towering sliver of incredible architecture and design, Mi Casa is like hanging out in the most stylish treehouse you’ve ever seen. 

Mi Casa's various views to the ocean.

Mi Casa is kind of a cross between a hotel and a Bed and Breakfast (BnB).

Your stay there includes home cooked breakfasts, but might not be right for you if you need constant front desk service, or if you have any mobility limitations, as the entrance to the hotel is up a decent flight of stairs, and there are no elevators on the premises.

Each room has unique design features, including beautiful regional linens, textiles, and artwork. Many rooms have a small private terrace.

The prices are very affordable. 

Mi Casa has a small outdoor pool area under a canopy of trees right across the street, and is close to popular local restaurants like El Foco (awesome tacos), Kondesa, Colores y Sabores (my current obsession – try the baja tacos), and a short walk to the Cozumel ferries and the central town plaza (or zocalo), Benito Juarez Park. 

Check availability for Mi Casa en Cozumel at right HERE

Hotel Xiknal Cozumel

Hotel Xik’nal in Cozumel is a beautiful boutique hotel housed in a traditional island building (that has been upgraded to accommodate modern travelers).

Architecture and design lovers will appreciate the traditional Cozumel building methods, including amazing rock-work walls and traditional Mexican tiled floors.

Xiknal also takes great pride in celebrating various Mayan traditions, and is steeped in local history and culture.

Lobby in old-school Xik'nal boutique hotel in Cozumel.
Xik’nal’s cool, old-school lobby

Xik’nal is on a quiet block in downtown San Miguel, but very close to several shops and grocery stores, and some terrific restaurants (including one that crafts my current favorite local taco).

The hotel is also right down the block from the International Hospital.

Check availability at Xik’nal’s website right HERE.

Xik'nal hotel's beautiful backyard with pool.
Xik’nal garden with pool

Villas Deja Blue Hotel in Corpus Cristi Neighborhood

Deja Blue is a cute boutique lodging in the Corpus Cristi neighborhood in Cozumel, which means it’s still a short 10-15 minute walk to most things downtown, but will be more secluded and quieter at night.

It’s home to the Cocina de Silvia for fresh breakfasts, coffee, and other daytime meals.

Deja Blue is also one of the early adopters of solar power on the island, so you can vote with your pocketbook and book here to show support for more sustainable lodgings and other eco-friendly offerings in Cozumel.

Villas Deja Blue has a small swimming pool, and easy street parking if you’re renting a car.

Check availability at Deja Blue at right HERE.

Hotel Villas el Encanto Cozumel 

 Just nearby in Corpus Cristi is the Hotel Villas el Encanto.

You’ll know el Encanto by the SeaWalls project mural outside.

Villas el Encanto exterior mural wall.
Villas el Encanto

Encanto’s walled facade hides large landscaped grounds – great for parties or small weddings – and a pool.

And you can always have breakfast across the street at Cocina de Silvia (see above), or at any one of several great coffee shops and restaurants in downtown Cozumel.

Be sure to visit their boutique gift shop that also made our roundup of the best shopping in Cozumel.

Check availability Villas de Encanto Cozumel at right HERE.

Amaranto Bed and Breakfast

 Boasting one of the most unique and stylish exteriors in downtown Cozumel, Amaranto is just as good looking on the interior. 

Exterior white building with purple spiral stairs and palapa.

Conveniently located in the Centro area of Cozumel, Amaranto is perfect if you like to explore and enjoy a less touristy experience (but it’s still close and easy to get to the waterfront and the heart of downtown).

Check availability at Amaranto’s website right HERE.

Hacienda Boutique Cozumel for Old Cozumel Charm

One of the oldest hotel on Cozumel is Hacienda Boutique.

It has a warm color scheme, and feels like a family home. It has just a few rooms, but the secluded feel, private swimming pool, and public spaces decorated with Mexican art and handicrafts will transport you. 

Hacienda is a short walk or ride from the main ferry terminal, and very close to Cozumel International Airport (CZM).

There’s also a pool, and the Hotel is a 5 minute taxi ride from the airport and ferry port.

Check availability for Hacienda Cozumel at right HERE.

Villas Colibri Cozumel

Villas Colibri was another property that really pleasantly surprised me.

Tucked into a very busy area of the real Cozumel – i.e. back into town where the residents really live – Villas Colibri is a pretty, peaceful oasis for visitors to the island and a great place to stay in Cozumel.

Courtyard and pool at villas colibri lodgings in Cozumel.

With a hammock on the little patio or private terrace of each room, and a nice pool in the courtyard, Colibri (which means hummingbird) could also be a perfect place if you’re planning to stay and work remotely in Cozumel for a while.

Check availability for Villas Colibri at right HERE.

Villas Las Anclas Hotel

Villas Las Anclas boutique-style hotel has 8 spacious villas with a great courtyard, communal outdoor kitchen area, and a central swimming pool.

Visitors love that it is right downtown yet feels quiet and protected from some of the hustle and bustle. (I used to live right down the street, and can attest to that being one of my favorite blocks in town, and yet it’s just one block in from the waterfront “main drag” Ave. Melgar).

And every review seems to mention the excellent staff and cleanliness. (Pretty common reviews for Cozumel as a whole, but always good to make sure!)  

Check availability for Villas Las Anclas at right HERE.

Kinta Kan Boutique Hotel in Cozumel 

Kinta Kan hotel in Cozumel also has a central courtyard with pool, and individual hammocks for every room.

Nestled behind a beautiful wooden facade in the northern end of downtown Centro, Kinta Kan attracts younger travelers who are budget-minded, yet might not want a full-on hostel experience.

Row of hotel rooms with pool and hammocks.
Pool + Hammock = R&R

Serving continental breakfasts with fresh juices and coffees, Kinta Kan is quite convenient to both the main ferry to Playa del Carmen, and the Cozumel International Airport.

Check availability for Kinta Kan at right HERE.

Hotel Kiin

Hotel Kiin is also in the northern end of Centro, so it’s well located to explore lots of local restaurants, cantinas, and art galleries.

Reviewers praise Hotel Kiin’s staff, cleanliness, and wifi and the convenience – including the convenience of having large refrigerators and a nice pool.  

Check availability for Kiin in Cozumel at right HERE.

Back yard with blue pool and trees.

Baldwin’s Guest House

Back in the heart of residential Cozumel, Baldwin’s gets incredible reviews for its hospitality and service, in addition to its great pool, nice rooms, and oasis-like feel despite being in less touristy area of Centro San Miguel. 

Near one of Cozumel’s most famous Mexican restaurant, La Mission, as well as great seafood at San Carlos. 

Also conveniently located near one of the best hospital on the island, Costamed (a.k.a. CMC). This would be a great place to stay if you’re coming to Cozumel for a medical tourism procedure.

For good authentic eats nearby, try Pescaderia San Carlos, Casa Mission, and one of Cozumel’s most popular taco joints, Mister Taco. 

Check prices and availability for Baldwin’s Guest House on HERE 

Tamarindo Guest House

Also one of our most recommended places to stay if you’re looking for dive hotels in Cozumel, this charmer seems a bit further from the action of downtown San Miguel, but it’s really still in the heart of things. 

And it’s adorable, with a wonderfully landscaped interior courtyard, private balconies, a rooftop bar area, a nice pool, and areas for yoga and meditation.

Close to many of Cozumel’s best restaurants, like Guido’s, La Cocay, La Choza, and several of the island’s favorite taco joints.

Tamarindo brings a lot of chic for not a lot of money. 

Check availability at Tamarindo’s website, right HERE.

Exterior of yellow building and sunny courtyard
Mundaca coffee shop

Villas Mundaca

Perfect for digital nomads who also want a good pool, kitchenettes, and one of Cozumel’s cutest coffee shops right outside, Villas Mundaca is a cool place to camp out for a few days, or a few months. 

Mundaca has modern, new-construction rooms with smart amenities.

And Mundaca’s location can’t be beat – close to two major grocery stores and other services, and also close to the waterfront and the main drag.

Check availability in Cozumel at right HERE.