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11 Great Ice Cream Places in Cozumel: Cool Treats for the Heat

It’s hot in Cozumel all the time, but with this news-making Mexican heat wave we’re having, it’s scorching hot out there lately.

And despite my efforts to give up sugar, there’s just nothing like a nice ice cream cone (or gelato. or frozen yogurt. or a popsicle…) at the end of a long hot Cozumel day. 

Whether it’s a scoop or two of creamy goodness or a refreshing fruity popsicle, indulging in a delicious frozen treat will offer some relief from the blazing sun.

And besides, you’ve earned it after sweating it out in this hot weather, right?!

Lucky for you, Cozumel’s incredible range of great restaurants is also home to some incredible ice cream places that will leave your taste buds dancing…but not breaking a sweat. 

From classic Mexican chocolate or vanilla, to exotic tropical fruit flavors, there’s something for every palate to savor. 

Take a break from all the unique Cozumel sightseeing and chill out with a cone or a cup of your favorite ice cream flavor. 

Read on for some of my top picks for the best ice cream places in Cozumel.  

These are totally worth the calories. 

1. Quiero Gelato in Cozumel’s Parque Benito Juarez

A short walk from the Cozumel ferry, this relatively new gelatería along the southern end of Cozumel’s central plaza, a.k.a. Parque Benito Juarez, is a fantastic new addition to the island. 

While it has a more corporate feel – and the slightly elevated prices to match – compared to some other hometown favorites on this list, there’s no denying the quality and the flavors of this gelato!

For about $120MXN, try a dual combo of their flavors like mango, honey, dark chocolate, or flor de leche (tastes like pure cream), and keep your eye out for the flavors of the day. 

If you’re anywhere downtown near the central plaza (the one with the orange clock tower), give this spot a try. 

Location: Parque Benito Juarez, on the southern edge of the Park (or technically Calle 1) 

A small and large cup of gelato on top of the full glass case of flavors in the backround, from Quiero Gelato in Cozumel, Mexico.
Latest orders from Quiero Gelato in Cozumel, 2023

2. Mr. Chelato Ice Cream Cart in Cozumel’s Zócalo

If I’m getting ice cream in the zócalo (another word for a town’s central square), I make sure to alternate between other places and this beloved street cart of deliciousness.

Also located in Parque Benito Juarez, this family-run ice cream and paleta cart has a good array of rotating flavors, including some typical Cozumel favorites, like coconut, mango, chocolate, and some unique flavors made from regional fruits typical to the area. 

If you time it right, you won’t hit the small line of people waiting patiently to enjoy this fresh ice cream. But if you do have to wait, just chat up the owners and their kids, who are often there to take orders and help out. 

Location: In Parque Benito Juarez, along the south side of the park, near Quiero Chelato

3. Frutela Ice Cream on 30 Av. in Cozumel

Frutela is one of my absolute favorite ice cream shops I’ve ever tried, and I especially love their unique flavors and daily variety. 

Located on Av. 30 – conveniently right near our favorite Italian restaurant in town, and many other destination Mexican restaurants – pleasantly set back in town away from the heavier crowds along Melgar, Frutela has yummy ice creams and sorbets in various flavors. 

I still want to try them all, but I always go back for the sweet corn – it’s amazing. 

Location: Av. 30, between Calles 5 and Morelos

4. Bicycle Vendors – Try the Corn and Coconut Flavors!

Speaking of homemade corn ice cream…there are a few old-school ice cream vendors around town who make their own hand made ice cream, and sell it out of their bicycle carts. 

If you see one, don’t hesitate, just try it! 

Their corn flavor is great, and the homemade coconut will knock your socks off. 

Location: various

5. Flamingo Ice Cream Bar also in the Benito Juarez Park

Another somewhat new ice cream parlor in the central plaza, Flamingo Ice Cream Bar sits on the East side of the park, slightly to the right of the Bank BBVA. 

This small place has a lot of flavors, plus sundae creations and shakes, and also has a nice seating area with tables and chairs out front, perfect if you’re in a group, or want to sit and people watch in the park for a while – always among our favorite fun and free things to do in downtown San Miguel de Cozumel

Try their banana split flavored ice cream – all the flavors of a banana split really come through one delicious scoop at a time. 

Location: Benito Juarez Park, along the eastern side near BBVA and opposite the clock tower.

Tip: This is also very close to one of our other favorite Cozumel dessert spots – the Churros Cozumel cart!  Read here for more on churros…

Ice cream choices at Kike’s in Cozumel

6. La Flor de Michoacana – Throughout Downtown Cozumel 

If you read up on ice cream shops throughout Mexico, you’ll come across this name: La Flor de Michoacan or La Michoacana. 

Loosely translated, it means the little girl from Michoacan, which was an original slogan and logo for an ice cream parlor in Mexico, many years ago. 

These days, it’s almost become a generic term for an ice cream stand, as many places use the familiar name (and sometimes a similar logo and pink color scheme), despite not being associated with the original. 

Anyway…you don’t have to worry about all that.  But if you see a place called something something Michoacan, you’re in the right place for a tasty ice cream or paleta (popsicle, or notion on a stick). 

I especially like the beautiful-looking fruit-filled paletas at many of the Flor de Michoacan locations and also have fond memories of my very first “mango water” (more like a smoothie) when mangoes were in peak season – OMG good.  (If you’re visiting Cozumel in June, be sure to try one!) 

Location: Various.  There’s one on the ground floor inside the Mega location downtown, and many throughout the Centro and other neighborhoods in San Miguel.  If you visit the Mercado Municipal for shopping or local Mexican food, hit up the La Michoacana on the corner of Av. 25 and Rosado Salas. 

Kike’s in Cozumel – Still a local favorite in 2023

7. Kike’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop

Kike’s is a longtime favorite among regulars and locals in Cozumel.

A bit off the beaten path, but worth the trip.

Kike’s features cones, cups, and nice sundaes, and has a solid menu of flavor favorites, including coconut, chocolate, coffee, mamey (local fruit), mint chip, and more.

Maybe plan a dinner at the wonderful El Moro restaurant for a truly authentic experience, and then hit Kike’s for dessert – it’s right across the street.

Location: Av. 75 Bis between Calles 2 and 4

8. Find Some Wonderful Ice Cream at Your Hotel! 

My first vacation hotel in Cozumel, the Casa del Mar Dive Resort and Hotel, always features a small selection of homemade ice cream on their menu.  I fell in love with the coconut ice cream long ago.

Much to my delight, almost everywhere I’ve gone to dinner features some ice cream, and very often it’s homemade and it’s coconut flavored.  And it is amazing. 

Try the ice cream at your own hotel! I wouldn’t be surprised if it ranks among your top 10. Maybe top 5! 

And if you don’t like coconut, try vanilla or the chocolate.  Or if you’re lucky, cinnamon. 

Let me know what you think. 

Image we took on our evening ice cream walk in July 2023, shows the facade of the Gelatissimo shop, with awning, list of flavors, and guy enjoying a gelato seated out front.
Gelatissimo for gelato in Downtown Cozumel

9. Gelatissimo Gelatería – a Nice New Shop Downtown

Another relative newcomer, this place seemed about ready to open just around the time the Covid-19 closures took place. 

Luckily for all of us, it’s back open now. Dense gelato with high-quality ingredients, makes it worth the trip during any stroll around the waterfront area or the plaza. 

Located on Calle 2 near some other noteworthy spots like Cozumel Dreaming, one of the best sushi restaurants in town, and Sucre Sale, which holds steady on our list of best coffee and pastry cafes in Cozumel, this gelato store is a gem. 

Location: Calle 2 between Avs. 5 and 10

Photo of all the various gelato choices inside an gelato shop in Cozumel, Mexico. Photo by author.
Gelato choices in Cozumel, Mexico

10. Nutrisa – for Frozen Yogurt in Cozumel

When I set out to ask some island friends their favorite spots for ice cream, several mentioned Nutrisa. 

It was a new one for me, so I just went there today! (It is difficult research, but someone has to do it. I should’ve taken a picture, but I ate it alone in my car, lol.)

I was very pleased with my rich dark chocolate frozen yogurt (small, in a cup, for 65 pesos).  

Yes, a great fro-yo place! 

Nutrisa in Cozumel has a soft-serve variety – today’s special flavor was mango – as well as several that are scooped like hard ice cream.  You can get cones, cups, and mini sundaes with all kinds of toppings, from fruits to candy bits.  

Nutrisa also has pre-made paletas of creamy frozen yogurt, chocolate covered yogurt, and even a few that are keto-friendly. 

And they also have a small retail area with various health-food and natural beauty items, like supplements, argan oil serums, and more. 

For more health-food and natural items stores, check out this post, next.

Location: The back left corner of the small strip mall on Av. 30 at Calle 1 – back behind Burger King

11. The Supermarkets in Cozumel!

Maybe not as fun, but if you’re staying in Cozumel for more than a couple of days, it would be great to have some frosty treats stashed in your hotel fridge or the freezer in your long-term rental.

Mega and Chedraui are chock full of great ice cream selections, as are the various other grocers like Super Aki, Soriana, and the many many Oxxo convenience stores throughout town.

I head to the orginal Chedraui supermarket when I want some ice cream for the house, and sometimes have a hard time choosing among all the ice cream notions and pints of Ben and Jerry’s, Hagen Daas, and lots of great Mexican and import brands.

Location: Chedraui – original location, on Melgar, just a couple blocks south of Mega.

Enjoy! And Buen Provecho!

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