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Cozumel for Couples 2024: Top 12 Romantic Things to Do for Two

I’ve been to at least 5 weddings on this island already, and know the place oozes with sunsets, sultry weather, and flat-out sensuality. And people still wonder: Is Cozumel is good for couples? 


Cozumel is a great vacation spot for couples. Warm weather, blue waters, and spectacular sunsets are baked right in, every day. Add to that this roundup of romantic activities – exploring, secluded beaches, date-worthy dinners, fresh juicy margaritas, sultry salsa, ceremonial sweat lodges, spa services, athletic adventures, ice cream cones. Cozumel is a perfect for a romantic getaway.

And did someone say baby turtles at sunset?

Heck, you can even buy your rings here! Or…just relax and have a really great time.

Oxford defines romance as a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.  

Traveling itself is an incredible bonding experience for couples. According to Psychology Today: 

Traveling together not only helps create new memories but both of you can learn new things together. Traveling comes with challenges and adventures, which can strengthen your relationship. 

Add some Cozumel island life to the mix, and you’ll have all of the above, and more!  

So please, read on for our top 11 favorite romantic Cozumel recommendations for couples. 

We tried to organize these suggestions by category, too – but of course, there’s lots of overlap.  Enjoy! 

Cozumel for Couples that Love Adventure

Shared adventure – with even a little faux danger thrown in.  It’s the stuff of the best romance movies, right?  Before you decide which nice restaurant to go to for dinner later, get your blood pumping with some activity and some adventure in unknown territory. 

Scuba Diving for Cozumel Couples

If you have your scuba certification, you have to dive here.  Cozumel is one of the best spots for diving in the world, and conditions are good all year round.  Typical 2-tank boat dives leave in the morning by 8 or 9 am, and return around 1 pm, depending on your outfitter.  

You’ll love your divemasters and crew, meet new friends from around the world, and explore another atmosphere!  Or consider hiring a private dive guide for just the two of you.

Seeing sea turtles, tropical fish, eels, and sharks – and eagle rays in the winter months – is the icing on the cake. 

If you don’t have your diving certification, Cozumel is a great place to try it out with a Discover Scuba session with one of the many awesome dive shops on the island.

Give it a try! Nothing brings couples together like a shared learning experience.

Discover Scuba in Cozumel - Learn Together!

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Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP) for Two

If you already know your way around a stand-up paddleboard, take the opportunity to do an advanced eco-friendly tour of both wildlife and Mayan cultural traces in the remote northern mangroves.

There, you’ll encounter a few of Cozumel’s Mayan ruins and more exotic waterfowl, juvenile fish and marine life, and even our own unusual species of upside-down jellyfish (non-stinging!). 

Or try a night paddle with lights under your board to see the marine life’s night shift.  Amazing.  

And if you’re new to it, nothing bonds people like learning a new skill together – especially one where you awkwardly fall over several times at first!  (Laughter is good for bonding, too!)

But seriously, after some time, it’s pretty easy, fun, calming, and a good workout.  

Man on SUP board in blue ocean of Cozumel near Chankanaab Beach Park
A fun date with SUPs in Cozumel

Contact DeLille Sports for any of the above SUP experiences.

Heat Romance up at a Cozumel Temazcal – Traditional Mayan Steam Lodge

This could go in almost any of these main categories, but the first time(s) I tried it, it sure felt pretty adventurous. It’s definitely something you can’t do almost anywhere else. 

The traditional Mayan temazcal ceremony is one of the most unique things to do in this part of the world, and is definitely an intimate bonding experience. 

Learn about and participate in the cleansing aspects of these ancient steam and sweating methods, pay homage and appreciation to the elements and your ancestors, and emerge with a relaxed clarity – and amazing skin.  

Try it, it’s a meaningful adventure and great for couples (or pairs of good friends & family). 

Cozumel for Couples who Want to Relax and Recharge

All-Inclusive Resorts in Cozumel

We all have our preferences on lodgings, but sometimes for a romantic getaway, there’s not much better than splurging on a nice all-inclusive hotel resort and then soaking up all you can get.

Cozumel has several beautiful all-inclusive properties – in both the North hotel zone and the South zone (see our related post with advice on how to choose your hotel zone in Cozumel, here.

A long weekend in Cozumel will fly by even if all you do is gaze at the beautiful blue Caribbean – and each other, of course!  

Float in the nice pool, stroll along the beach, hand in hand.  You can enjoy cocktails on your lounge chair, perhaps schedule a couple’s spa massage, and leisurely get ready for a nice late dinner.  Bliss. 

On the other hand, when my BF and I travel in Mexico, we love finding chic boutique hotels in various cities, and Cozumel has a number of beautiful jewel-box hotel properties, too.

If you love architecture and finely crafted finishes, you should browse through this post on some of Cozumel’s special boutique hotels, as well.

Snorkel and Swim From Your Own Private Cozumel Boat

Going snorkeling in Cozumel is a no-brainer, and to get to the best sections of the Cozumel National Marine Park, you’re going to need a boat.

But crowding on to some of the small boats or the party catamarans that go out from right downtown can be really fun…but not necessarily a dreamy romantic day just for two.

So now’s the time to live a little and reserve a small boat for just for the two of you.

You’ll be snorkeling and have a few cold ones, floating over some of the premier snorkeling spots on Cozumel – including the famously dreamy El Cielo, a stunningly blue beach area that’s only accessible by boat. El Cielo has to be experienced in real life, at least once.

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Private Snorkeling Boat Tours

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Reserve your perfect couples snorkeling and boating experience, here.

Bike to a Beautiful Cozumel Beach Club

For others, a little fitness and a change of scenery here and there, really boost the endorphins and help get you in the mood!  

No matter where you stay on the island, you’re not that far from a cool beach club with equally comfy lounge chairs, awesome servers, and access to the beach and/or a pool.  

Arrange some bikes through your hotel or local bike/e-bike rental operator and explore just long enough to find the perfect beach spot.

Or take a taxi to a beach club that includes snorkel gear, SUPs, or sea kayaks so you can get some blood flowing together during the day.  

There are clubs with all-inclusive day passes, or those where you might just have a modest cover charge that then goes toward your lunch bill. Either way, it’s a good chance to enjoy the sun and sand, while getting to scope out the scene and stay somewhat pampered at the same time.   

Try this romance package for couples at Cozumel’s most popular beach club:

Romantic Day Beach Pass for Two at Mr. Sanchos Beach Club

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Cozumel for Curious Couples

Studies show that learning new skills and exploring together helps develop and deepen relationships.  You’re already traveling and at least dabbling in another language and culture, so why not add in even more learning time together? 

If you want to learn something physical, try a Discover Scuba Diving session, or a SUP lesson, mentioned above.  Otherwise, here are a few more grounded options.  

The Cozumel Pearl Farm Makes a Perfect Romantic Day Date

Cozumel is home to a family-run Pearl Farm, where they cultivate a one-of-a-kind species of pearl.  

Collection of loose pearls at the Cozumel Pearl Farm.
Pearl Farm harvest at the local Cozumel farm

Take a fun boat ride up to their secluded beach-front farm for the day, and learn about pearls, their farming methods, their facilities, the jewelry they make, and other aspects of the local flora and fauna in the remote North section of the island.  

You also ‘power snorkel’ to see their off-shore farm area in the water (optional), and have lots of free time to nap in a hammock, or stroll along the crystal blue beach.  

Cozumel’s Local Cooking Class & Market Tour

One of my favorite activities to recommend to people is a local cooking class, especially with a tour of the local municipal market (el mercado).  

I myself have taken cooking classes in a few other cities and countries, too – it’s always a great way to see the local markets with a knowledgeable guide. Plus you quickly learn about – and taste! – several customary ingredients and local regional specialties.  

The Cooking Class here in Cozumel by Chef Josefina is a delight. 

Our Pick!
Cozumel's Favorite Cooking Class & Market Tour
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Set up in a traditional home kitchen, you and your partner (maybe with others in a small group, maybe not) learn basic tools and techniques for some staple dishes and drinks. Then head out to the market after you’ve decided on the day’s menu, which you’ll shop for and then prepare.

This is good for all ages but would be a special and memorable experience for a couple.  Familiar and foreign, at the same time.  

Mayan Ruins at Cozumel’s Famous San Gervasio

Again, this spans categories, but for curious couples and life-learners, going back in time to see remnants of Cozumel’s rich Mayan history might be the headiest excursion to choose.  

A site of important pilgrimage to the goddess Ixchel of fertility and childbirth, this archaeological park is a great way to learn more about the history of the Mayans, the Mexicans, and humankind. 

You can arrange a trained guide upon your entrance, or just explore on your own.  Bring a hat and shades, and some bug spray.  (It’s only about a 15-minute ride/drive from town, and once on-site, I’d figure maybe 2 hours.) 

Cozumel Couples’ Romance in Nature

The original Romanticism movement itself was based largely on a celebration of nature and its beauty, along with our irrational emotions of love. So it’s no wonder that many couples meet and bond over animals and nature. 

We’ve already touched on scuba diving, paddling through the mangroves, time at the beach, and even the growth of pearls! 

There are many more natural excursions here in Cozumel. For adult couples, here are three of the best.  

Punta Sur Eco Park & Stunning Southern Shore

Punta Sur, or the southernmost point of the island, is home to one of Cozumel’s state-run parks, the Punta Sur Eco Park, or Celarain Point Park – sometimes referenced by the Faro Celarain Lighthouse that is located here. 

The whole park is well suited to families and non-couples, too, but it’s definitely a romantic spot for nature lovers.  

As soon as you turn in and start down the otherworldly road into the park, you can tell you’ve entered different terrain.  The plant life is lush and beautiful, but with its own feel.  

Sweeping view of blue coastline in Cozumel taken from the Celarain lighthouse at Punta Sur
Great coastal views at Punta Sur’s Celarain Lighthouse in Cozumel

You’ll soon have sweeping views of the darker blue ocean, and then suddenly be spying a marshy lagoon to your right – with a crocodile observation tower! 

Keep going, and you’ll find the sandy beach area of the Celarain Lighthouse – climb up for some history, and a stunning view of the coast.  There is a small museum with interpretation at the base of the building. 

Further into the park, still, and you can enjoy a relatively crowd-free beach, some great snorkeling, or a free pontoon boat tour of the mangroves, where you might spy wild water birds and other wildlife. 

Somewhere along this route, you’re also sure to see a cute Cozumel Island coati – one of Cozumel’s own endemic raccoon-like critters.   (They’re friendly.)

Book your secluded beach day at Punta Sur here, and have everything arranged before you arrive.

Cozumel Sea Turtle Nesting & Hatching

Yes, back to the beginning of all this. Someone DID indeed say baby turtles at sunset

Every year, Cozumel’s east coast beaches receive thousands of mature sea turtles, returning to their own original beach to lay their large nests of eggs.  

We have mostly green turtles and loggerheads, as well as hawksbills.  The turtles start arriving in April and May and lay nests of eggs through the early summer.  

The turtle nests are located, marked, and monitored all summer by Cozumel’s official Department of Ecology.  

Then, in the late summer and early fall, the developed hatchlings start to emerge from the deep nests, scramble out together in a jumble, and then make their adorable way to the shore’s waves.  

Cozumel turtle volunteer programs let you assist these tiny hatchlings as they enter the ocean for the very first time.
Green turtle hatchling in Cozumel – he made it!

It’s a thrilling and moving sight. If your partner isn’t touched by this, well…maybe it’s better to know that now! (j/k. not really.) 

Volunteers can pitch in if they’re in Cozumel during the right season.  The Ecology department also welcomes donations of funds, as well as supplies like gloves, permanent markers, and red-filtered flashlights, etc. 

Please avoid the cruise-ship run “tours” of this activity – seek out the real deal. 

Specific contact details and times, etc. change from season to season, so get in touch with the Parks Department, or ask your hotel manager to get you the official ecology department information if you’re interested in helping – and witnessing this amazing natural phenomenon.  

For more information on all of our local sea turtles, please check out: CozInfo’s full guide to Cozumel’s sea turtles.

Cozumel Sunsets – Daily Romantic Ritual

Perhaps the best for last.  A Cozumel sunset.  It’s like no other.  

And barring weather, it’s a pretty consistent and awesome end to every day in this place.  

You can catch it no matter what else you’re doing that day. 

As you stroll along the downtown Malecon and people watch.
As you order up some sunset happy hour drinks at a cool beach-side bar.
As you head out on the boat for your night dive.  Or your booze cruise.
As you chill on your hotel balcony.
Or maybe as you find an empty little beach that you have all to yourselves.

Just the two of you.  A romantic couple, traveling the world, and a singular moment in nature. 

If you’re looking for more things to do after the sun sets, start with our list of recommended things to do at night in Cozumel, here.  That post also includes some of the best restaurants for romance.

For more recommendations, please visit the blog page where you’ll find information on great things to do in downtown San Miguel, where to shop for some of the island’s most unique and authentic souvenirs and all the things that make Cozumel so special.

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