Taxi stand along Melgar Ave in Cozumel

Taxis in Cozumel: Tips in 2024 to Stay Safe and Secure

There are many ways to navigate around the island of Cozumel, but the safest and easiest way is by taking a Cozumel taxi cab. 

It is safe to take taxis in Cozumel. Cozumel taxis are well-kept, clearly numbered, and licensed, and the fares are regulated.  Taxi drivers in Cozumel are part of a lucrative union, so their jobs are valued. Most Cozumel drivers are bilingual and very friendly, and many are also trained tour guides, so they take great pride in their island home and love showing people around.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll feel confident getting around using Cozumel taxis and spare yourself the stresses of driving in unfamiliar territory. 

Biggest Risks with Cozumel Taxis?

Of the thousands of Cozumel taxi reviews and informal comments on various social media channels, the biggest legitimate risk in taking a local taxi may be simple sticker shock.  But this is also the easiest risk to mitigate. 

Cozumel cab rates for 2024 are set and regulated by the local union, and by and large, these rates are straightforward and quite reasonable. 

Cozumel Taxi Rates 2024

Taxi rates in Cozumel are also clearly posted in public at major taxi stands, such as near the Ferry terminal when you arrive from the mainland, and at various stores and hotels around town.  

Your driver should also have a rate card to show you when you get in if you are unclear on the fare to your destination. 

It is very common, however, for Cozumel visitors to hire a taxi for an outing or trip that falls outside of the simple zone pricing system, or the set rates on the card. 

For example, if you want to arrange for multiple stops or a trip where the taxi driver gives you a tour, or takes you to an attraction, waits for you, and then returns you to your final destination. 

This is a common occurrence since lots of people hire Cozumel taxis when they want to check out the Mayan ruins at San Gervasio, or travel as a small group to the other side of the island for lunch or to find the best beach-side cocktails

The best rule of thumb for taking a taxi in Cozumel is to simply explain your plan to your driver, and agree to a total fare before you get underway. That way you can either consult the current official rate or negotiate and agree to a total fare for special trips ahead of time.  

No surprises = no sticker shock. 

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If you don’t use a pre-booked tour, then just hail a cab and confirm the rate to your destination. For a tour or a plan with a few stops, or other requests, the fare won’t fall neatly into one column, but just work out a price beforehand, and you’ll be fine.

Cozumel Taxi Rates and Rate Cards are Posted Around Town

The Cozumel rates are published and posted – the one above is at the main Ferry terminal, out in front along the street and waterfront. Others can be found at various hotels and throughout downtown.  

When you’re planning your trip to the island, remember to try and find an up-to-date Cozumel taxi rate card upon arrival, and take a picture of it with your phone, so you have it handy as you explore the island during your stay. 

All Cozumel taxis are supposed to have a current taxi rate card in their cab, as well, so ask to see it when you’re confirming your fare.

Cozumel taxi rates publicly posted as a large poster near ferry terminal in San Miguel de Cozumel, March 2021.
Cozumel Mexico Taxi rate posters can be found all over town

Where to Find Cozumel Taxi Rates

It’s helpful to remember that these are posted all over Cozumel island, usually at the main entrances of hotels, resorts, and beach clubs.

For example, this is the one posted way down south at Playa Palancar, one of Cozumel’s best sandy secluded beaches.

Cozumel taxi rate card from Playa Palancar in July 2024

Depending on where you find the taxi rate chart in Cozumel, you’ll just have to pay attention to the current taxi fare from your starting point to your destination.

Another handy website that has a nice current Cozumel taxi rate chart posted – in English – organizes them by the three main Cozumel cruise ports.

You can quickly find the rough costs for transportation on the island if you’re arriving by cruise, and headed beyond the many great things to do in Cozumel within walking distance to your cruise ship.

Of course, for those of us who don’t visit Cozumel by cruise ship, it’s still a handy reference, but you just have to do a little proximity estimation. Here’s the link, again.

Use Mexican Pesos to Get the Best Cozumel Taxi Fare

One frequent source of confusion or irritation among visitors to Cozumel is that fares billed in US dollars ($USD) are often higher than their corresponding fare in Mexican pesos ($MXN).  

Taxis in Cozumel accept US dollars or Mexican pesos, but if you use the local currency you’ll get the best possible rate.

For the easiest and most economical experience, take the time to get some small-denomination pesos bills in your pocket for small daily transactions like cabs and coffees, etc.

It’s fine and appreciated to tip in Cozumel using USD or MXN, and most people here have both in their wallet. That said, it makes the most sense and is most appreciated if you tip for local services in the local currency: MXN, the Mexican peso.

I think the best way to avoid any confusion over exchange rates or hard feelings you may have over the fares being slightly different depending on which currency you choose is to simply use the currency that is local to the region.  Just get some pesos! 

If you don’t know how to get pesos please see our corresponding post on how to use currency in Cozumel, or simply go to one of the major banks or grocery stores in downtown Cozumel and take out some pocket cash from the safe, major bank-owned ATMs.

If you don’t want to bother exchanging some cash for Mexican pesos, you can pay your Cozumel taxi fare with US dollars.  Dollars are accepted in Cozumel taxis, and indeed in many places around town.  

However, as noted, you will likely pay a little bit more if using foreign currency, especially since taxis in Cozumel do not accept credit cards. But, again, the rates are still quite reasonable – even in dollars. 

Attention thrifty travelers! Get more bang for your buck with this related article on high-impact budget tips for Cozumel, next.

Tipping in Cozumel Taxis is Customary

In general, Cozumel is a tipping culture.  You can read more in our post on gratuities in Cozumel, here. 

So in the case of Cozumel taxi cabs, a small tip on top of the agreed-to fare is customary. 

After a very short ride, simply “rounding up” is kind and appreciated, whereas if you arrange a long tour or a ‘wait and return’ ride with one driver, it is best to offer a decent tip of 10-20% once you get to your final destination – especially if he or she showed you a good time (and they often do). 

Will I Get Scammed in a Cozumel Taxi? 

Statistically speaking, the overwhelming answer is “no.”

Coming from other countries people are often nervous, in general. Many cruise passengers or those new to Mexico are often worried that they might make a mistake or they might get scammed.

Perhaps it’s due to crime stories (only those bad enough to make international news, which frankly all countries have), or the proliferation of shows and documentaries on Latin American drug trade (like the Narcos series on Netflix).

While no area is perfectly crime-free, Cozumel has a very low crime rate. And of all people, the well-employed tourism professionals in Cozumel are not out to get you. 

In fact, if you search Facebook or Tripadvisor for stories specifically about Cozumel taxi experiences, they’re far more often positive and grateful stories about the driver who went “out of his way” to ensure the safe return of someone’s phone, or wallet, or beach bag. 

That’s the kind of care and service the local Cozumel tourism industry is known for, definitely not for scamming people. 

Taxi stand along Melgar Ave in Cozumel
Taxis line up in Cozumel along the downtown waterfront

Many Cozumel taxi drivers also grew up here, and/or have lots of family around. So don’t be surprised if your simple ride becomes a wonderful memory of the time when the fun taxi driver pointed out some local history or took you to their cousin’s awesome hole-in-the-wall restaurant when you mentioned you didn’t know where to go for lunch. 

Don’t assume the worst!

But definitely DO check and confirm your Cozumel taxi fare and agree to it before you get in the cab. Then everything else will be fine.

As you would anywhere, keep your wallet and phone in a secure pocket or bag close to you so you don’t drop them, be polite and reasonable, and please don’t be a drunken jerk (it definitely happens, and then guess who IS complaining about losing her phone on Facebook?).

Are There Ubers or Lyft as Well as Cozumel Taxis? 

Cozumel taxis are governed by a well-regulated and strong taxi union, which leaves little room for any competing automobile transport services.

There are no Ubers or Lyft cars in Cozumel. Competing taxis or other similar car-hire companies with easy phone apps are simply not operating in Cozumel, and probably won’t be for the foreseeable future.

Lots of people still ask if Uber, Lyft, or similar direct car-hire services are in the works in Cozumel? 

The simple answer is “No.”  

As mentioned, the taxi drivers in Cozumel are in a strong and professionally run union, and they get their license and medallion through networking and hard work. They’re not inclined to share that tourist business with competing services. 

This causes some friction among residents and visitors who argue for healthy market competition, and better services for local residents – not to mention the ease of summoning a cab using your phone and paying with a credit card.

But in this case, and for the foreseeable future, I’d just say that it is what it is

Knowing that you’re in good hands, and don’t have to worry about any speeding tickets, having a drink or two, or even just getting lost, should be worth the fare involved.

Just enjoy your trip and enjoy that someone else is doing the driving.

Can Cozumel Taxis Accommodate Wheelchairs? 

As a former tour business owner in Cozumel, I’m happy to say that many Cozumel taxi vans are equipped with accessories to help people with lower mobility and people who use wheelchairs. 

Many Cozumel taxis and taxi-vans may have step stools, added pull bars, and other accommodations that make it easier for a person in a light wheelchair or mobility scooter to make the transition from chair to van seat, and then the chair is stowed. 

Visitors to Cozumel who use full wheelchairs will also be able to find taxi vans with ramps and full mechanical lifts. 

Mobility-equipped taxis in Cozumel may need to be arranged ahead of time, perhaps with help from your hotel front desk or rental contact.

Another option is to simply ask any driver you do encounter and he should be happy to call the main taxi dispatch managers and see if they can send one of the drivers who IS equipped for that service.  

It may take a few minutes, but there are taxis Cozumel taxis and vans that are specifically suited for wheelchair accessibility. Once you find an appropriately equipped taxi, a good move is to ask the driver if you can keep his number and text him in the event you need subsequent transportation during the rest of your stay. 

The taxi services in Cozumel make living here and visiting very easy and secure, and it’s nice to know there is always a plan B to get somewhere. 

However, if you decide to be the master of your own domain and rent a car, instead, please be sure to check out our primer on things no one tells you about renting a car in Cozumel.  

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