Classic fresh margaritas on sunny Mexican beach sand.

Best Bars on Cozumel Island 2024 for Any Occasion

If you’ve never been here before, you may think of Cozumel as a touristy cruise port with neon yards of barely cold beer and amateur-hour day drinkers. 

But among the people who live here, dive here, or just vacation here time and time again, the bar scene in Mexico’s Quintana Roo hot spots has grown more interesting by the year – and Cozumel is one of the leaders of the pack. 

This pretty and salt-of-the-earth little island is home to some great bars that might surprise you.

From Cozumel Island’s first microbrewery (that also serves top-notch wood-fired pizzas) to a handful of new sophisticated cocktail bars with organic ingredients and artisanal style, Cozumel Mexico is far from a honky-tonk tourist trap with giant frozen margaritas (not that there’s anything wrong with that…).

Cozumel has plenty of bars and lounges that are the perfect spot for any type of festive occasion – casual, formal, or somewhere in between. All around the island are fun, well-run bars serving fresh juicy cocktails, a good variety of beer, and quality wines at swim-up bars, thatched beach hideaways, and post-diving happy hours.

There are also great bars to sample local micro-brews, cool speakeasy-style places to hear the latest local bands, and a great new wave of decidedly stylish but UN-stuffy joints with better than average mixologists at the helm. 

No matter what kind of nightlife (or day drinking…) you’re looking for, we’ve pretty much got you covered. 

2024 Cozumel’s Best Bar Roundup

Best New Cozumel Bars for Cocktails and Serious Mixology

Tropical vacations don’t have to be all neon “yards” and shooters.  In fact, they can be quite classy and chill, if done right.

And in this case, I’m talking about high-brow highball drinks served up in charming settings with a few modern amenities, including more attention to seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

Non-alcoholic jamaica tea and seltzer cocktail at La Clasica cantina in Cozumel, MX.
La Clasica modern but classic Mexican cantina in San Miguel de Cozumel

These aren’t your typical rum punches or daiquiris either. They’re made with quality spirits like high-end tequila, artisanal mezcal, gin, vodka, bourbon, scotch, etc., mixed with premium fresh juices and garnishes.

The best part?

It’s all still served in our signature down-to-earth Cozumel style: fun, friendly, festive, and safe

Cocomamatiki Room

If you don’t follow these drink masters on Instagram, you should start.  

Photo courtesy of Cocomamatikiroom Bar in Cozumel, showing festive tiki-bar decor, tiki totem stools, and great lighting.
Photo Courtesy of Cocomamatiki Room in San Miguel de Cozumel

From fresh natural ingredients, a fun tiki-bar atmosphere, a refreshing inclusion of some non-alcoholic cocktails (just as pretty and swanky as those of the boozy variety), and a cool trend of visiting guest bartenders, this place should definitely make your list of bars to hit while you’re out on the town in Cozumel

If you’re looking for better non-alcoholic drinks in Cozumel, including more interesting mocktails, Cocomamatiki Room is also a great place to start. Built on a love for spirulina, green juices, and stocking popular commercial alcohol-free spirits like Seedlip, this Cozumel bar is a cool place to stick to virgin drinks while still experiencing Cozumel nightlife.

El Palomar in Cozumel

Housed in one of the older buildings on the island (lore has it that it was originally built in 1903), El Palomar is a pretty and stylish restaurant right on the waterfront.  

My original photo of the interior of Cozumel's El Palomar dining room with rustic charm.
El Palomar serves up serious cocktails in San Miguel de Cozumel

And part of its waterfront welcome is the cool bar La Pescadora serving up some amazing craft cocktails with fine Mexican spirits. 

We’re talking some pretty serious mixology chops at this Cozumel bar, which I’m sure would also be well-suited to coming up with some delicious tropical mocktails for those staying dry on island time.

They, too, have a trend-worthy Instragram feed you should definitely follow, too, with all the info and images of refreshing and carefully crafted cocktail concoctions. 

La Destilería Cozumel

A newcomer bringing some casual but contemporary Mexican food and – most importantly here – cocktails crafted from their in-house distillery producing spiced rum, white rum, and artisanal gin, La Destilería Cozumel has raised the bar.

The drinks menu is full of mojito varieties making the most of their homemade rums, an interesting array of gin cocktails, and still doesn’t neglect tequila, mezcal, and wine lovers.

But another great reason to come here is the food. Yes, it’s mostly tacos, tostadas, and salads, but you have to try them to understand.

Like La Clasica and some other hip new joints in town, this place feels like the new wave of culinary restaurant culture is quietly planting its roots around town.

Location: Av. 5 at the corner of Calle 6 north (former Candela space)

Image of La Destilería Cozumel, a new cafe with house distilled rum and gin. Photo shows blue lit sign and thatched palapa roof.
Sample house-distilled rums and gins at La Destilería Cozumel

Best Cozumel Sports Bars to Catch the Big Game

Sometimes it’s hard to miss the your favorite team or sporting event – even when your other option is to bask on a sunny Cozumel Beach in the Caribbean…

But hey, your team is your team, right?  And for big events like the Super Bowl, or other sports you want to see live, there are certainly other sports fans here and plenty of fun Cozumel sports bars ready to welcome you.

More and more bars in Cozumel are getting in on the action, and offering their own unique take on sports viewing parties. 

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the World Cup, or you want to watch football, US football, baseball, basketball, MMA, boxing, the Olympics, golf, or even ice-hockey – or maybe just settle a personal score with your own friendly game of cornhole or darts – you’ll likely be able to find just the right place to do it.

Here are some top picks for sports-minded spots where you can catch the action without having to leave the island. 

Dick’s Dive

Dick’s Dive is a semi-open air spot right in the heart of the plaza in downtown Cozumel, and goes head-to-head across from another locals’ favorite spot, the indomitable Wet Wendy’s. 

Both are great places to drink, but I’d say the edge on sports-bar broadcasts (and some mean chiles rellenos) goes to Dicks.  This would be an especially great Cozumel bar to catch the Super Bowl, I’d say.

Then again, Wet Wendy’s has the cornhole game to get active and burn off some of those HUGE frozen margaritas (I myself had a nearly 4-hour nail-biter of a cornhole grudge match one night…I won’t brag, but…)  

Una Mas

Rising from the ashes of another nice place in Centro is Una Mas, a large, indoor-outdoor bar and grill with lots of room to hang out with friends, a huge bar and several flat screens, and a full pub-grub menu. Check out Una Mas Cozumel, next time you want to watch your team.

Tony B’s 

Rising from a love of some of the best hand-made brats and italian sausages on the island, Tony now has his own bonafide bar, where you’re sure to find his signature departure from strictly all Mexican food (though some, of course…), with burgers, brats, buckets of cold beer, lots of fun – and of course the big games on the telly. 

No Name Bar

(hint: don’t judget this book by its cover)

The No Name Bar is right in the heart of Centro, across the street from Mega, yet it often gets overlooked. 

Probably because it allegedly has “no name” and the real joy of the place is hidden in the back. 

Bright classic margaritas on the sunny, sandy beach as a backdrop.
Classic and strawberry margarita cocktails at sunny Mexican beach

Once you walk through a small dark bar (with – you guessed it – some sports game or another on the tube), you proceed to a backyard patio where its full character reveals itself.

The No Name Bar Beach Club Cozumel Mexico is actually the king of all backyards, with another bar, more TVs, a pool, swim-up bar stools, beach chairs, and even ocean beach access where you can go swimming or snorkeling.

I mean…come on.  Try it out.  And bring your suit and towel.  

Best Cozumel Beach Bars for a Stellar Sunset

In all fairness, this is a nearly impossible list to narrow down, because as most fans of Cozumel Island know, if there’s one thing we can count on for about…362.3 days of the year, it’s a beautiful sunset at just about any local beach.

For newcomers, I’ll just try to narrow it down by picking ONLY one excellent watering hole in each of the 3 main hotel zones on Cozumel island, so there will be at least one close to where you’re likely staying. 

(But really – there are just SO many to choose from…give them all a try as you are able). 

Best Cozumel Beach Bars for Sunset in Cozumel’s Northern Hotel Zone

Buccanos At Night – More than Your Average Cozumel Beach Bar

(as just slightly opposed to its equally delightful beach club, by day)
My original photo from Buccanos at Night restaurant's view overlooking the ocean at sunset.
Buccanos in Cozumel has an amazing ocean view

This place is a fantastic choice in Cozumel for water-side drinks with amazing views, but you truly must have at least one dinner here, as well.  

From their lobster tail surf-and-turf to fish taco apps, and way way more, Buccanos is known as one of the finest of many restaurants on the island – and that’s saying something. 

Buccanos has an impressive wine list and a long list of swanky cocktails and mocktails (or no-/low-alcohol mixed drinks) that might surprise you with their sophistication and flavor profiles.

Best Sunset Beach Bar in Cozumel’s Centro Hotel Zone

Aqui y Ahora Bar and Cafe Really Heats up at Night

Already on our favorite lists of cool coffee spots on the island, and one of our top recommendations for places digital nomads can get some serious remote-work done, Aqui y Ahora (here and now) is a chic coffee bar and hang out spot by day, and an immediately fun and popular bar at night.

Head upstairs to catch Cozumel’s amazing daily sunset, and then stay for the cool atmosphere, full of local art on display, different nooks and lounge areas to get comfortable in, and a variety of fun activities – like foosball, pingpong, giant Jenga, and…you get the idea.

What’s better than some bar games to have fun with your friends…and meet some new ones.

Sereno Roof Bar and Restaurant

(on the rooftop above the new Albatros Suites

There are other cafes, bars and restaurants in this busy stretch of the main coastal road (Rafael E. Melgar Avenue), but Sereno is a hip and stylish new favorite – great for the foodie crowd, in particular – and that happens to have a very interesting cocktail menu. 

Daily special drinks include local fruits and herbs, Mexican spirits, and other faves. 

Fresh blueberry mojito’s, or dragonfruit and herb daiquiri anyone? 

Plus, there’s always a great selection of wines and other typical bar drinks, and they often have – or will happily make – a good non-alcoholic cocktail (or mocktail) for those of you who aren’t drinking for whatever reason.

Rooftop bar and great ocean view backdrop from Sereno restaurant in Cozumel, MX.
Sereno Roof Bar in Cozumel, courtesy of their FB page

Sereno Roof Bar is also slightly north of the southern cruise piers, so in addition to some of the most sweeping ocean views I’ve seen at any Cozumel restaurant, the best sunsets won’t be marred by…lovely cruise ships.  😉  

Best Beach Bar in Cozumel’s Southern Hotel Zone

Cozumel’s Money Bar – Classic Cozumel Beach Bar

Yes, this is a somewhat expected answer, but in addition to a huge, fun and stylish horseshoe bar, Cozumel’s very popular Money Bar is also a beach bar and restaurant, too. 

Money Bar promotional image of entrance to restaurant and ocean backdrop.
Money Bar in Cozumel is a top pick for happy hour with an amazing sunset view

Their 2-for-1 sunset happy hours, great snorkeling access, wonderful service, and frequent fun dance bands mean all are welcome, and you really can’t go wrong. 

For even more ideas on where to spend your next sunset happy hour in Cozumel, check out this post, too.

My original photo of the great Sunset at the Money Bar in Cozumel, MX.
My first Money Bar happy hour sunset (but…not my last!)

Best Beer Bars in Cozumel

It’s pretty easy to get a nice cold beer at any bar in Cozumel.  Take your pick! 

But it’s not as easy if you’re a fan of trying local Mexican beers (beyond Tecate light…), or one of a growing movement in craft brewed beer in Mexico – and even the delicious local craft microbrew beers created right here on Cozumel Island.

There are a few new bars featuring locally crafted small-batch beers that are served on tap or in bottles, and feature delicious food to go along with it.

For those who love their non-watery lagers, hoppy IPAs, wheat beers, and substantial chocolatey stouts, we’ve done a whole post on our Beer Lovers’ Guide to Cozumel, here.

In the meantime, for some highlights, check out these above average winners for best Cozumel beer bars: 

Cerveceria Punta Sur

Punta Sur Cerveceria is Cozumel’s first and only fully operational micro-brewery on the island, and it has been a smash hit from day one. 

With a slightly rotating flight of special craft brews and growler service, Punta Sur also offers wine and other limited drinks AND an excellent, well-priced menu of fresh ceviches, hand-made empanadas, and their most famous crispy oven-fired pizzas. 

Stove oven pizza in Cozumel with arugula
Thin crust pizza goodness in Cozumel, MX

Divers will rejoice with Punta Sur’s signature pie – featuring Lionfish, the locally invasive species of fish that is doing damage to our beloved reefs. Scuba divers into sustainable travel love having another local restaurant add lionfish to the menu to help us all fight the good eco-friendly fight simply by ordering a pizza. Always a good thing. 

But be assured – Punta Sur’s lionfish pizza isn’t just a gimmick, or a do-gooder’s phone in.  It. is. DELICIOUS.  A must-try if you’re on the island, and especially if you’re a Cozumel scuba diver. 

Cervesería Kusam

A newcomer to the scene is the Cerveseria Kusam, taking its namesake from Kusamil, the original Mayan name for Cozumel, or the island of the swallows. 

Not (yet) as well known as Punta Sur, the guys at Kusam are enthusiastic about sharing more locally produced beers to the island and have a lot of cool-sounding brews on tap.  

Fun and funky interior of new Kusam brew bar in Cozumel, with sign saying "In Craft Beer We Trust."
Kusam craft beer bar in San Miguel de Cozumel

Add their cheerful interior dining space, clever merch, and a great staff, and hopefully, this place will be slinging lots of craft beer – and local tacos to wash it down – in no time.  

Check out their very lively Facebook feed, and then check out the goods in the North end of Centro. 

La Internacional Cerveceria Cozumel

Maybe the best choice for a huge selection of craft beers from Mexico and around the globe is this awesome waterfront bar with stellar views of the Caribbean and a stellar selection of amazing quality beer.

Open each day from 3:00 pm until…late, La Internacional Cerveceria gets high marks its knowledge of the craft of craft beer and having a vast roster of brews and styles to choose from.

Located along the water on Rafael Melgar Ave., just a half a block up from the Mega supermarket and the large iconic Hotel Barracuda on the waterfront.

La Internacional beer bar is yet another example of an excellent place to catch one of Cozumel’s vibrant daily sunsets, too.

Best East Coast Bars in Cozumel

In Cozumel, most hotels, dive shops, and restaurants are located on the western coast.  But it’s the East Coast of the island that’s known as the wild side

Or just “the other side.” 

Great shot of rugged east side beach of cozumel with turquiose water, sunny skies, and more white-capped waves.
The other side of Cozumel Island – always a good idea

The other side of Cozumel is a little like entering a remote coastal beach area – you just know when you’ve crossed that line. 

As the leeward side of the island, the east coast bears the brunt of winds from the west, making it both more difficult to navigate and more gloriously rugged and remote. 

“Other Side” of Cozumel’s popular Welcome to Miami bar

Best Cozumel Wild Side Bars 

A drive to the “other side” is always a right of passage for newbies in Cozumel, and they usually need a cold drink once they take in all the beauty. That is certainly not a problem.

Most tours start with some of these favorite roadside oases. (Just make sure you have a cab lined up to get back!)  

Coconuts Bar and Grill in Cozumel

Coconuts Bar and Grill really needs no introduction, but if you haven’t been there, you’re definitely missing out on a classic Cozumel experience. 

Take the drive to the other side with the wild beaches, wind in your hair, and a fun, cliff-top bar with great drinks, a kooky atmosphere, awesome servers, and delicious bar food to perfectly complement the free-flowing drinks. 

Rastas – Cozumel’s Most Laid-Back Beach Bar

If you like kicking back to endless ocean views, lapping waves, icy drinks of any sort, and maybe some reggae music, beach chairs, and soft sand?  I think Rastas (or its full name of “Rastas & Freedom in Paradise in Cozumel”) was made for you.  

Reggae inspired beach bar on Cozumel's East Coast.
Photo courtesy of Rasta’s Bar in Cozumel social media pages.

Welcome to Miami (…But in Cozumel)

Another favorite East coast beach bar in Cozumel is the quizzically named Welcome to Miami

Billed as having the BEST mojitos in Cozumel, it for sure gets word-of-mouth love of its fresh fruit juice drinks, and paradise beach setting right along the wavy coast and soft white sand. 

Group at outdoor tables and hammocks on sandy beach of bar along the East Coast of Cozumel.
Rasta’s bar on the other side of Cozumel Island

Welcome to Miami became so popular so fast, they now have a second downtown location, located just south of the Punta Langosta cruise port mall.  

Best Cozumel Bar is Probably the Bar You Are At Right Now

No matter where you go to eat and drink on this beautiful island, you’ll have a great time.  

Lists like these are dangerous, because they may cause some people to overlook all the other wonderful, family-run establishments that are just brimming with great food, cold drinks, and most importantly of all – warm, Cozumel charm. (Like another new crowd-pleaser, Hemingway’s, pictured here:)

Hemingway bar in San Miguel de Cozumel – Photo courtesy of their FB page.

As I mention in the full guide to a lot of great restaurants here on the island, if you see a place that looks good and that has mouth-watering smells emanating from that mom-and-pop kitchen? 

Especially that little hole-in-the-wall taco joint that’s full of locals?

GO.  Go NOW.  

But in the meantime, use this as a guide to go out and explore around downtown Cozumel, and also all around its wild and wooly coastal parts.  

You’ll love it, and understand all the great things Cozumel is known for, and why so many of the people who come just keep on coming back for more. 

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