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Great Burritos in Cozumel in 2024 – Top 5 Delicious Options

Since my college days in downtown NYC, the big beautiful burrito has filled a critical role in my food history. Whether as a cheap but very filling meal during the work week or the perfectly portable meal to pack for a day at the beach or a concert in the park, a Mexicali-style burrito was often in the lineup. 

Living on the island of Cozumel, I spent some months searching for a good burrito, and this is my current go-to list. 

Not always a feature on local menus, the burrito does flourish here, if you know where to look…

With their endless combination of flavors and fillings, burritos have become a staple in modern Mexican cuisine, and Cozumel is (now) no exception.

Cozumel is home to an array of delicious burrito options guaranteed to hit the spot.

1. Burritos Gorditos is a Cozumel OG for Great Burritos

One of the standout choices in San Miguel is the downtown Cozumel OG: Burritos Gordito. 

As the name suggests, the Burritos Gorditos burritos are nice and big and packed with fresh ingredients that will leave you fully satisfied. 

From the tender grilled meats to the flavorful salsas and creamy guacamole, every bite is a delight.

Go early – Burritos Gorditos is open during the day, and usually closes around 6pm, daily.

Location: Av. 5 Nte between Calles 2 and 4 – just 2 blocks north of the central plaza, or Parque Benito Juarez

2. Los Arcos Taqueria in Cozumel is My Current Go-To for Burritos

I learned about this great local taqueria from generous neighbors here in Cozumel, and now we order from them a couple times a month, at least.

For those who prefer a more authentic and classically Mexican – yet equally filling – option, Los Arcos is the place to go. 

Not to mention, they’re likely the best price and value on this list

Their burritos might be more compact, but they are bursting with fresh ingredients and traditional Mexican flair. 

They’re also nicely grilled at the end, and that is IMO a critical feature. Los Arcos does it the best. 

Whether you opt for the flavorful beef arrachera, chicken, the al pastor (based on the classic tacos al pastor), or the rich and spicy chorizo, each bite is a delicious experience.

Location: Av. 30 at the corner of Calle Miguel Hidalgo

3. Crazy King Burritos is a Popular Spot with Cozumel Travelers

If you’re in the mood for something a little more accessible and Cali-style – meaning huge, and coming standard with rice, beans, lettuce and sour cream – head to Crazy King Burritos. 

As the name suggests, these burritos are anything but ordinary. 

Their Crazy King combo is a surf-and-turf-style burrito with shrimp and steak that people love and rave about in their reviews.

And their trio of featured shrimp-based burritos are also popular favorites, though they also offer a nice vegetarian version called the Loco Veggie stuffed with grilled zucchini, peppers, onions, and cheese (optional, of course). 

(For more plant-based and veggie food options in Cozumel, check out this post for non-meat meals.)

With big flavors and big combination-style burritos, Crazy King is fast and fresh to order and has fun and filling burritos, and a very convenient location right downtown

Location: Corner of Av. 5 N and Calle 4, a couple of blocks north of the main central plaza, Parque Benito Juarez  (a block beyond Burritos Gorditos, see above) 

4. Cozumel’s Tacotales Burrito is maybe Best Bang for Your Buck

For a truly authentic experience and excellent value, Tacotales (formerly Otates) is another go-to spot a little ways off the touristy downtown waterfront.

This local restaurant is located a few easy walking-distance blocks from the waterfront but often gets overlooked these days. 

The menu includes one of the best classic Mexican pozole rojo soups in town and a good range of tacos (including several featuring some of the more, er…adventurous styles – see more here about tacos de la cabeza), Tacotales also has banging burritos on the menu. 

Tacotales burritos are straightforward, stuffed with flavorful and fresh local ingredients, and will stop your hunger in its tracks for a very reasonable price. 

Location: Av. 15A Sur between Calles 3 y Rosada Salas 

5. Colores y Sabores also has Delicious Burritos

If you’ve read other foodie articles here on the blog, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the delicious food at the homestyle Mexican restaurant Colores y Sabores, especially their huge Baja California-style fish tacos – see more here

But the other day I was there with the S.O., and just wanted a burrito.

I hadn’t noticed before that she has them on the menu at Colores y Sabores – pleasant surprize.

I was NOT surprised, though, that my chicken burrito was stuffed with well-cooked chicken, beans, and fresh pico de gallo and house-made salsas.

They also have a vegetarian burrito selection, with loads of roasted peppers, mushrooms, onions, and guac. 

Made with fresh, locally sourced vegetables and a variety of homemade salsas, these Cozumel burritos are a delicious option for vegetarians and meat lovers alike, and they also come at great prices. 

Location:  Calle 5 between Melgar and Av. 5 Sur – right near International Hospital

Cozumel Burritos and Much, Much More 

Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional burrito or an innovative creation to eat in Cozumel, you’ll have a variety of options.

With their portable nature and filling ingredients, these burrito spots (and many others) will satisfy your cravings and keep you fueled up while you’re out there exploring some of the unique and special things to do in Cozumel

And on the other days, you’ll likely want to explore the island’s numerous awesome best taco joints – and know what to order.  For that, read this post next

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