Dive boat in Cozumel picks up divers during hard rain shower.

9 Rainy Day Ideas for Things to Do in Cozumel

It takes more than a little rain in Cozumel to phase the people, and the island is always a beautiful and fun place to explore – even if you get a little wet. 

Don’t let some clouds and raindrops stop you from finding the fun stuff to do in Cozumel. 

There are plenty of things to do in Cozumel on a rainy day. The downtown San Miguel de Cozumel area is full of shopping, art, salons and spas, and a fully renovated museum. Foodies can sample local specialties and add the island’s new gastro-parks to their “must-try” restaurants. And divers will still go diving in the rain, as long as the winds are calm and safe. 

If you only packed for a sunny pool-side getaway or just aren’t sure what to do in Cozumel when the sun isn’t cooperating, you’ll find some fun ideas among these rainy day suggestions. 

9 Best Cozumel Rainy Day Activities

1. Do Some Practical Cozumel Shopping (For a Rain Poncho)

First off, if you’re consulting the forecast in this area of the Caribbean, don’t worry if you see rain showing each day.  Like many tropical climates, there’s often a chance of rain Cozumel. 

But when it does rain, it usually only lasts a few minutes. 

On those rare days where the Cozumel rain is more of a factor, your best offense is to throw on a good rain poncho for hands-free fun, accept your fate, and proceed with your plan and just have fun in the rain. (Acceptance is key.) 

If you packed light and took your chances on the weather, that is no problem. Take this opportunity to buy your first utility souvenir from Cozumel:  a rain poncho. 

Visit one of the major grocery stores like Mega or Chedraui, which are both located on the main drag Melgar Avenue, just at the southern edge of downtown San Miguel. 

These two stores are fun to poke around anyway, but you’re sure to find some variety of rain jackets, umbrellas, and rain ponchos (or large trash bags if you’re really in a pinch). 

My advice is to invest in the poncho option, as they are usually one size fits all, very easy to pack, and leave you hands-free to hit the streets and explore the island. 

The best part is once it dries out you can roll it up and keep it in your bag to save some money on your next trip to Cozumel.

For more tips on how to pack for Cozumel weather, check our Rain Gear for Cozumel: Suggested Packing List.

2. Take a Guided Island Tour of Cozumel Island

One of the best things to do in Cozumel is to take a guided van tour all the way around the island. 

A full tour allows you to see a lot of the island in a relatively short period of time and gives you a great overview of Cozumel’s Mayan history, its geography, natural protected zones, and its variety of people, cultural influences, food, and more depending on your areas of interest. 

There are many taxi drivers who are also trained tour guides, and they’re more than happy to drive you around to some of the island’s “must-see” highlights.

You can take away all the stress and book a Cozumel island tour directly (see below), or just hail a cab, explain what you want to see and agree to a total fare before you set out.

Most of the Cozumel taxi drivers are friendly and fun, and do this every day – you’re in good hands!

Fun, Secure, Tour at Your Own Pace
Private Driver & Van: Safely Explore Island and Relax

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Start with a tour with the largest of Cozumel’s Mayan ruins site, later named “San Gervasio.” San Gervasio is fascinating, and you might really enjoy the fact that you’re beating the crowds and beating the heat by touring on a day with some clouds overhead.

Continue along the transversal road across the island to its eastern coast, also known as “the other side” of Cozumel.

On the way, make a few pit stops at one of several attractions, such as the Cozumel Bee Sanctuary to learn about bees and try some delicious local honey and products. 

Next, try a tequila tasting spot, or just one of several simple ceramics or textile vendors.

Small group touring Bee Sanctuary in Cozumel Mexico with umbrellas.
Cozumel Mayan Bee Sanctuary – bees are waterproof!

Once on the eastern shore, again, locally known as “the other side“ of the island, take some time to just soak in the beauty of the topography and the stunning coastal scenic drive

On a rainy day in Cozumel, there’s a good chance the waves will be especially dramatic, crashing onto the high elevations and various rocky inlets along the wild side.  

There’s also a good chance you might get sunny breaks between showers, so always be on the lookout for a rainbow or two. 

Take one of your driver’s suggestions for a place to stop for lunch, or hit up one of the island’s favorite hotspots over there such as Coconuts or Chen Rio.  

Coconuts has kind-of a PG-13 vibe, with some off-color puns and racy snapshots on view if you really look, but all in all it’s a welcoming and “good clean fun” environment.  It’s also situated high on a bluff and provides some really cool views of the shoreline and the crashing waves.  

Coconuts in Cozumel also has good pub food, delicious cocktails and soft drinks, a fun staff, clean bathrooms, and even some resident parrots and iguanas to round out the tropical beach vibe.  

If you choose Chen Rio you might also catch some of our local surfing scene. 

Although Cozumel is not known as a surfing hotspot, the east side is the only place to be with your surfboard. On a rainy day, there’s a good chance surf’s up. 

As you wind your way back down to the southeast shoreline, take shelter with an afternoon cocktail at one of several roadside stops such as the relative newcomer, Welcome to Miami– a new crowd favorite quickly becoming known for excellent fresh juice drinks and cocktails. 

Or if you have time, spend an hour or two and Cozumel‘s Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

Punta Sur Park, run and maintained by the municipality, is not only home to Cozumel’s oldest lighthouse, the Celarain Lighthouse, but you may also catch a glimpse of some of our special wildlife species

Wild water birds like pink flamingos have been spotted in Punta Sur’s mangrove lagoon, and the more densely treed areas are full of endemic coatis, raccoon-like critters that are usually not afraid of people.  

These animals, and numerous human species, have been known to have a great time at Punta Sur’s many attractions and white sandy beach. 

If you’re into nature photography, Punta Sur in Cozumel is a great place to catch some wonderful and varied nature shots – from the dramatic ocean horizon viewed from the top of the Celarain Lighthouse, to marshy or forested landscapes, or close-up portraits of individual plant and animal species. 

Get everything set up before you even arrive for some peace of mind.

Book a private driver and island tour right here using Viator.

Fun, Secure, Tour at Your Own Pace
Private Driver & Van: Safely Explore Island and Relax

5-Hour tour time. Book online and securely pay via Viator!

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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

3. Reboot at a Cozumel Spa

Truth be told, sometimes during a warm and sunny vacation, I welcome a rainy day. It’s kind of a relief to take a little bit of shade and get out of the hot sun.

A day like that is also a fantastic time to duck into a nice shady salon for a fresh pedicure, or perhaps treat yourself to a full body massage.

Cozumel has no shortage of excellent massage therapists, some of whom will even come to your hotel room or rental.

Check with your hotel’s front desk to see if they have any massage therapists that they work with in-house, or ask for recommendations.

There are also numerous nail salons in Cozumel. One of the best-reviewed nail spots in downtown Cozumel is called Glammin Your Nails. They also do massages and wax treatments. 

Cozumel also has several pop-in places to get a quick back massage or a full body massage depending on availability.

Many of these are staffed with well-trained and licensed professionals, with knowledge in sports medicine, aromatherapy, or a combination of both.

4. Visit the Museum of Cozumel Island

The Cozumel Museum, officially known as the Museum of the Island, has been fully renovated and was reopened in 2020.

Mayan statues in the Museum of Cozumel Mexico.
Museum of Cozumel Island gallery view

The main galleries in the museum will introduce you to the island’s natural history, as well as its human history spanning Mayan times, the growth in global exploration and trade, the colonial periods, and influences up to the modern-day. 

The Museum features exhibit content on many of the island’s endemic animal species, like the quirky Cozumel Splendid Toadfish, and the Cozumel Emerald Hummingbird. 

The museum includes temporary exhibitions of local artists, side exhibitions of cultural artifacts like costumes from the annual Carnaval festivities, and shares refreshed knowledge about local Mayan ruins.

If you get tired of touring through the galleries, there is also a popular new restaurant on the second floor. 

As of 2021, the museum restaurant has a new and fresh menu, but the same much-loved second-story balcony location, with a great vantage point and a killer view across the ocean water. 

Even on a rainy day that makes for a very dramatic setting for your ceviche and cocktails.

5. Cozumel Divers Go Diving (Rain? What Rain?)

Yes, that’s right. Cozumel divers still dive in the rain. After all, you’re just going to get wet anyway, aren’t you? 

Unless there are strong winds making the Cozumel marine park’s dive sites dangerous for people or small crafts, the port usually remains open for diving and other watersports, even in the case of rain. 

Large diving boat picking up divers in Cozumel during a hard rain shower.
Cozumel dive boat – still fun in the rain

Pull your wetsuit on early, pack up your best dry bags (see recommendations below), and have a blast!  

Honestly – and this may just be a total coincidence – but I find that when I’m diving in the rain in Cozumel, I very often see new marine life, or see our local favorite critters exhibiting some new and intriguing behaviors. 

For example, I tend to see more octopus coming out of hiding during rainy dive days, and usually skittish marine critters like the various mantis shrimp found in Cozumel seem to stay exposed for longer during overcast days – finally allowing for some decent pictures.

My inner “armchair marine biologist” has a theory, but maybe just see for yourself.  

Regardless of that, the fact remains: don’t assume your Cozumel scuba diving arrangements will be canceled due to a little rain. 

Rain in Cozumel very often ends just as suddenly as it begins, so a rainy early morning very often breaks and gives way to a perfectly sunny day. 

6. Drive Over to the Cozumel’s Eastern Wild Side

The “other side of the island,” a.k.a. “the wild side”, is a favorite leisurely drive for visitors and residents, alike.

With its open coastline and dramatic topography, turning the corner onto the east side of Cozumel is a little like entering a new climate.  

The air feels a little cooler, the breezes feel a little stronger, and the already chill tropical island vibe gets turned up a notch or two. 

Renting a car in Cozumel is pretty straightforward, but if you plan on doing so, take a moment to read our related post on staying safe in your rental car, here

7. Eat at Cozumel’s New Gastro Parks 

Young travelers will recognize these hip new food truck parks and indoor-outdoor gastro parks since they’re an emerging trend all over the world. 

Doing some traveling within the country of Mexico I found several in Mexico City, San Cristóbal, and Merida – all reminding me of some cool little joints as far away as Brooklyn.

Well, Cozumel is not one to be left behind by the cool kids. 

Outdoor food park on Cozumel side street.
Cozumel foodies will like these new food courts in downtown San Miguel

Hitting one of these new foodie markets is great fun, perfect for interacting with neighbors and other travelers. Plus, it allows different people you’re with to try different foods and drinks.  

There are now a few different small, outdoor food courts around town.

One of the more lively and fun ones is called the Callejón de la Diez, on Av. 10 just south of Calle 3.

Author's photo from dinner at the Callejon de la Diez food court restaurant in Cozumel. Multiple food vendors sell dishes and customers gather at communal tables to try various styles of food.
Callejón a la Diez food court in San Miguel de Cozumel

You’ll find plenty of seating and friendly booths featuring quesabirria tacos, sweet and savory crepes, pozole, grilled meats, green juices, teas, and of course tacos, chilaquiles, sweet Mexican pastries, and more. 

While this food park is located technically outdoors the whole thing is tented, so while you may get a drop on you here or there, you’ll be protected from any waves of stronger rain.

It’s a good thing you have that new rain poncho!

8. Play a Mexican Board Game in the Cozumel Rain

One fun activity to try on a rainy day in Cozumel is to venture out to the central market, the Municipal Mercado, and acquire one of Mexico‘s classic old-school board games called La Lotería.

La Lotería Mexican bingo-style board game can be purchased at the mercado and other stores in Cozumel for a local board game session on a rainy day.
The traditional game of Lotería in Cozumel

The Lotería is a simple traditional Mexican board game suitable for all ages.

I first encountered La Lotería game at a local restaurant. While waiting for our regional huitlacoche tacos to arrive, the waiter brought us a few cards so we could play while we waited – and learn something in the process.

The game resembles “BINGO” and follows the same basic gist – calling out information from the small cards, and then each player marking the corresponding squares on the larger grid cards. Except, in this case, cards are full of cool illustrations of common and more traditional Mexican icons to learn some vocabulary as you go along.  

The Lotería game can be played in different formats, and repeated for as long as you like. 

It’s a great way to have inter-generational game time with your family while you’re stuck in your hotel room.Then again, if you’re smart, you’ll go find more interesting shelter under a Palapa somewhere along the beach.

By the time you finish playing, the sun will likely be out again. 

9. Watch the Cozumel Rain from Higher Ground

Whether you just need a cool place to play a game, or you want to get a good view of a slightly longer storm, or have succumbed to the always good rainy-day activity of day drinking, you’ll likely want to seek higher ground along the shoreline.

If you took the advice to drive to the other side of Cozumel, then stick with Coconuts – they are located on a very high east-side bluff and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. 

Back on the island’s western shore, there are several Cozumel beachside restaurants and bars along the waterfront, all of which would have a great view of the ocean and perhaps some exciting lightning on the water.

Look for something with an upstairs locale, like the new Serreno’s restaurant or a palapa-style beach-front hang like Hemingway’s.  Money Bar is always another lively favorite for people to gather and make the best of things. 

Most of the outdoor venues in Cozumel have some areas with a protected roof so you can stay out of the rain, but still keep tabs on the weather. And be the first to see the rainbow when it inevitably peeks out. 

Pack Some Rain Essentials in Cozumel

Finally, don’t forget to pack a few things for the rain – just in case!

For starters, a good quality but stowable rain jacket is probably the most valuable and most versatile “just in case” item to pack for Cozumel. I love the one, below, and it lasts.

And for our full post on what to pack for rain and weather in the area, check out this full post, next.

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