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Best Happy Hour Beach Bars to Enjoy Awesome Cozumel Sunsets in 2024

11 Best Beachfront Bars for Cozumel’s Awesome Sunsets in 2024

It’s pretty much always happy hour in Cozumel. But the daily sunsets are one of the best free things to do, and it’s a feature that’s baked right into Cozumel island life.

When you’re in town, be sure to spend your early evenings taking in the incredible daily sunsets that make Cozumel, Mexico famous.

Our list below includes some of the most popular restaurants, lounges, and bars in Cozumel where you can enjoy stunning views of the sunset while sipping on your favorite happy-hour cocktails and munching on delicious food.

1. Cozumel’s Money Bar is a Happy Hour Must

The Money Bar Beach Club is a popular beach bar and full restaurant that has been a favorite among locals and tourists for many years.

Especially for happy hour. And especially for sunsets. 

Located a few miles south of downtown San Miguel, this establishment is well known for nightlife, and its friendly atmosphere and laid-back vibe, and as one of the best places for live music and dancing.

Their signature is the 2-for-1 happy hour special. No matter what you order, you’re getting two!

So plan accordingly… (and read up on taking taxis here in Cozumel – be smart.)

Money Bar has delicious mojitos. And their huge bar can whip up anything else you might fancy, namely margaritas, and other fresh tropical drinks of the region, all while you and your party enjoy some of the best views of the Cozumel sunset. 

The unique feature of the Money Bar is its fantastic snorkeling right off to the side of the back dining area. It’s a great place day or night, but the anything-goes atmosphere of happy hour is my favorite time to hang out there.

Warning, though: the music can be a little too loud, so if you want to really talk, you might opt for one of the others in this list for that kind of evening. 

Customer reviews rave about the beautiful sunset views and the excellent service from the friendly staff.  

Sharp image of a mojito cocktail, cut limes and mint in front of a beach and palm tree in the background.
Mojitos are a happy hour favorite in Cozumel

2. Tikila Beachside Bar for Casual Ocean Views

Tikila Beachside Bar is another favorite among locals and divers, but more people are starting to notice, especially since it’s one of the best places to go within walking distance of the two southern cruise piers.   

This bar and restaurant have a chill vibe and sit right at the shore, so you’ll have ocean views for miles on their elevated second-floor back deck. 

Their signature dishes are casual but look for fresh seafood platters and tacos. Their signature drink might not be the “Tikila Sunrise,” but seems like a good choice to me. You can also try their frozen margaritas and other tropical cocktails.

The unique feature of Tikila Beachside Bar is the relaxed atmosphere, and its growing reputation as one of the best places for shore diving in Cozumel.

Customer reviews praise the delicious food, excellent drinks, and fantastic sunset views from the outdoor seating area.

3. Sunset Bar is a Great Cozumel Beach Bar

Sunset Restaurant & Bar, as the name suggests, is the perfect spot to catch the sunset while sipping on a cold drink. This bar has a laid-back, casual atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing with friends and family.  

Sunset also features strong WiFi, which is why it also made our list of great places to do some remote work if you’re in Cozumel as a digital nomad

Sunset Bar is also within walking distance of the International Cruise Pier and the Puerta Maya Cruise Port and always has an up-close stunning view of the sunset from its shore location on the west coast of Cozumel.

Customer reviews rave about the fantastic sunset views and the friendly service from the staff.

Vibrant sunset in Cozumel with pier and large cruise ship silhouetted in the foreground.
Cozumel island sunset in Mexico

4. Sereno Restaurant for Rooftop Views of Cozumel’s Sunsets

Sereno Restaurant Roof Bar & Restaurant is a beautiful, upscale establishment located on a 5th-floor rooftop perch, right across the street from the beach. 

This restaurant has a modern, elegant atmosphere and is perfect for a romantic evening out. 

Their signature dishes include unique specialties from the Yucatan peninsula and other regional cuisine in Mexico. Their signature drinks include a daily non-alcoholic cocktail, which is right up my alley. You can also order some of their craft cocktails or an above-average glass of wine to go along with your meal.

The unique feature of Sereno Restaurant is its bird’s eye view, so the sunset viewing here might be the most unique and unobstructed. You can see across the Caribbean for miles.

However, this special 5th-floor vantage does not come with an elevator, so anyone with mobility restrictions will want to consider it carefully.

Customer reviews praise the delicious and innovative food, unique flavor combinations, elevated vegetarian dishes, excellent service, and stunning sunset views from the special location.

5. Blue Angel Restaurant is Steps from the Caribbean

Blue Angel Restaurant is a lovely and slightly sophisticated establishment that is also casual and friendly. And of course, the bar is located right on the waterfront. 

Blue Angel is ideal for divers, as it’s the on-site restaurant for one of the island’s favorite dive-friendly hotels in Cozumel

The unique feature of Blue Angel Restaurant is the beautiful decor and the stunning view of the sea from the outdoor seating area.

Customer reviews rave about the exceptional food, good drinks, reasonable prices, and attentive service from the staff.

6. International Bar is Perfect for Cozumel Beer (and Sunset) Lovers

The International Bar is a beloved spot in downtown Cozumel, especially by those who love beer and trying a HUGE variety of beer from around the world (hence the international in the title).  International Bar is on our list of the best places for drinks in Cozumel if your’e a beer lover, and as far as I can tell, they don’t serve much else. 

It has been a local favorite for years due to its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, breezy wide open space, and of course their waterfront perch that is perfect for sunset happy hour.

The outdoor seating area at the International Bar is perfect for enjoying the stunning sunset while sampling craft brews from across the globe. Or just your favorite domestic brand.

Customers have praised the bar for its massive beer list, convenient central location, and fun service.

7. No Name Bar is a Cozumel Best Sunset Secret

The No Name Bar is located near the Punta Langosta cruise port in Cozumel, in fact it’s within easy walking distance

It has a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, a good solid menu, and while not a capital-S Sports Bar, it is really a great place to catch a game on TV. (for a few more options, check out this post, next).

The real signature of the No Name Bar & Beach Club in Cozumel is its back patio area.

From the front entrance, you’d never know that No Name Bar has a really cool pool deck, swim-up bar area, and an ocean-front with beach loungers and safe water access points

No Name is known for its convenient location downtown, one of Cozumel’s best sunset spots, and it’s awesome swimming opportunities in addition to its fun full bar and food menu. 

8. Aqui y Ahora is a Cozumel Waterfront Newcomer

Aqui y Ahora (“here and now”) is a lively 3-story venue on the malecón with coffee shop vibes by day, and happy hour bar and a general nightlife scene, by night. 

This newish restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Cozumel, just north of the Cozumel passenger ferry terminal.

The bar offers a variety of signature drinks including coffee drinks, kombuchas, and teas, along with margaritas, mojitos, and various beers. They also have a full food menu with a refreshingly eclectic mix of traditional Mexican dishes and some Asian-inspired and vegetarian options

The upstairs areas are great for watching the sunset, and this would be an excellent place to wait for the next ferry or meet up downtown. 

At night, it gets a bit more like a hip house party, attracting young Cozumeleños with various lounging spaces, foozball, other games, and either a DJ or live music. 

Aqui y Ahora also supports local artists by featuring current artwork on all its walls and sponsoring various art openings and local bands. 

Overall, I’d say Aqui y Ahora has been an instant hit for coffee lovers, digital nomads, drinkers and foodies. It’s a great new experience in Cozumel.

9. Hemingway is Cozumel’s New Hot Spot

Hemingway Restaurant Beach & Nightclub Cozumel is a huge waterfront palapa beachfront restaurant and bar located just to the north of downtown San Miguel de Cozumel. 

The bar’s signature drinks include margaritas, piña coladas, and a variety of beers. They also have a full food menu with a mix of Mexican and international dishes, lots of grilled meat options, and more.

The lower level of Hemingway is steps from the beach, and in fact people do a lot of swimming and snorkeling – and even some shore scuba dives – right from this cool cozumel beach at Hemingway during the day. 

At night, Hemingway has become a place to dress up, go out, and get out on the dance floor. It’s currently one of the top nightlife venues on the island

The outdoor and open-air (but covered) seating areas at Hemingway are perfect for enjoying the stunning beachfront views while sipping on your favorite drink and listening to live music. 

Like Money Bar, the music is often the star here, so if you want a more quiet vibe, pick another on this list and you’ll be all set. 

Customers have praised the restaurant and bar for its great food and drinks, professional staff, and beautiful atmosphere.

Cozumel's famous Pirate Ship dinner cruise sailing by Buccanos as the sun sets.
Cozumel’s fun Pirate Ship Dinner Cruise as the sun sets.

10. Hotel B for Sunset Chic Cocktails

Hotel B Unique is a pretty swanky Cozumel boutique hotel located toward the northern end of the island. 

The hotel’s rooftop restaurant and bar are available if you’re not staying there (reservations recommended via Open Table) and their cocktail menu is extensive, with craft cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, top-shelf liquors, quality wines, and a full juice bar.

Hotel B can start your day off right with sunrise yoga, and then end it perfectly with a sunset happy hour. 

Customers have praised the rooftop bar at Hotel B for its great drinks, beautiful views, and cozy atmosphere.

11. Buccanos at Night is a Perfect Place All-Around

Buccanos at Night is another high-end restaurant in the North end of Cozumel. 

It is a busy but top-notch beach club during the day, and at night chills down into the Buccanos at Night experience. If you need a place for a special dinner in Cozumel, you have to try this place.

In addition to Buccanos’ truly exceptional food and service, you’ll love the stunning waterfront setting and beautiful sunsets. 

Buccanos features a lot of surf and turf dishes, with several lobster, steak and shrimp-filled options, as well as some sushi rolls, pastas, and amazing specials. If you’re looking for the best dining experiences in Cozumel, Buccanos is surely at the top of the list.  Reservations required

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