Fresh margherita pizza at La Bota in Cozumel.

Best Pizza in Cozumel: 12+ Awesome Pizza Places

If there’s one food I’m a good judge of, it’s pizza.  Weaned on New Haven pizza and fully trained in Brooklyn, I have pizza in my blood. I’m sort of a jerk about it.

Can you get a decent slice of pizza in Cozumel, Mexico? 

Cozumel now officially has great pizza. Well-known pizza places like Guidos, Fratelli’s, Sorrisi, and Rolandi’s, and the darkhorse deep-dish pies at ‘Ohana, have all been respectable choices for years, with crisp crusts, great sauce, and tasty topping combinations. Now even more “best Cozumel pizza” contenders have sprung up, including places like La Cocay, Punta Sur Cervecería, New Especias and Tontono’s.

Things have turned up a notch or two!  And as of 2023, you’ll be happy to know, it didn’t stop there.

Now we have the locals pulling up and ahead, with Fratelli’s as our current grand champion, and Los Seras bringing the heat with their weird but perfect fusion Pizza al Pastor. Brilliant.

But don’t blink, because new places are popping up all the time!

San Miguel’s darling, Punta Sur Cerveceria, is no longer the new kid on the block, but is still serving up some of the best wood-fired pies on the island, including their famous lionfish pizza (along with that growler of locally microbrewed craft beer).

Yes, it’s true.  Cozumel’s pizza scene is here, and it is ON.  

Even though I’m a pizza snob, I’m also the first to agree that even bad pizza is decent pizza. 

But we don’t want just decent pizza in this particular post.

We want you to go try, judge, and fight over the best pizza joints on this island.

Let’s keep raising the bar!  

11+ Best Pizza Places in Cozumel:

1. Fratelli’s is a Cozumel Favorite

So, ok, right out of the box, I’m going to call this one my current favorite. My reigning Cozumel pizza champ. 

Not only is this a local Mexican restaurant that does pizza, but it does an awesome pizza with -– finally! – a really good, crispy and well-seasoned crust.  

And they have a lot of good choices for toppings.

Meanwhile, they also have a whole huge menu of all kinds of other foods for everyone in your group or family.  And all in a lovely new setting (they took over the old Carina space, on 11). 

Fratelli’s of Cozumel. Be sure to try: the unique and delicious pizza Huitlacoche.  Wow.  

If you don’t know what that is, you should just order it and enjoy.  And if you want to know a little more, read up on huitlacoche in our local taco ingredients post, right here.

2. La Bota – The New New Pizza Joint in 2023

Out of nowhere, I started seeing glowing local reviews for this now Pizza place: La Bota.

I wholeheartedly agree! This is the closest I’ve gotten to that awesome thin crust, crispy yet chewy pizza I love.

La Bota is a small place with a couple of tables, and their one-sized pies are a little bigger than a “personal” pizza, but not huge – so order an extra one – it is great left over.

We tried the classic MNargherita (excellent) and then one called the Prosciutto Crudo, that has prosciutto and arugula for an awesome combo and a delicious pizza in Cozumel, a bit different from all the rest.

I predict this place will stay high in the ranks!

La Bota Pizzeria: Be sure to try the prosciutto crudo pie (shown below)

A fresh prociutto crudo pizza right out of the oven, in a pizza box, from La Bota in Cozumel Mexico.
The prosciutto crudo pie at La Bota in Cozumel Mexico

3. Punta Sur Cerveceria for their Lionfish Pizza Special

First known for their impressive micro-brewery in Cozumel – the first (and still only…) on the island.  

This super cool little joint right downtown is run by innovative people who know their beer and obviously know their wood-burning oven, individual pizza pies. 

Great stuff.  They also won over divers and local fishermen by featuring the invasive lionfish on a special pizza. Not only is it an eco-conscious and responsible travel crowd-pleaser, it’s also really really tasty.   

Punta Sur Cerveceria. Be sure to try:  The lionfish & guajillo chile pizza the Nacional (with chorizo, avos, and jalapenos), their wood-oven empanadas.  All of their yummy craft beers! 

Assortment of pizzas from Punta Sur Cerveceria (brewery) in Cozumel Mexico.
Cozumel Divers! Don’t miss Punta Sur’s lionfish pizza. It’s a new “must try” when you’re in town.

4. Ohana brings deep dish to Cozumel

This is a quiet spot that’s been a town favorite for those in the know, for a long time. 

Tucked away in the North End of town, ‘Ohana, a Hawaiian word meaning family, is cozy and cool.  

‘Ohana has a varied menu and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

This one bucks the trend for me. What’s the ‘Ohana pizza that knocked my socks off?  

Their deep-dish pie!

Yes. It’s about an inch-thick beauty of cheesy goodness. I almost taste a hint of something warm in there.. is that a hint of cinnamon in the sauce? Something special. And totally delicious.  

They also have thin crust pizza, and that was a big hit, also.  A little oily, but really good, and nicely seasoned.  

Dinner in the ‘Ohana back garden is a treat. But be warned, the deep dish takes a while, so order before you come, or just chill out and enjoy some appetizers, the garden, and the (occasional) live music, while you wait.  

‘Ohana Cozumel.  Be sure to try:  The deep dish pizza.  (allow about 45 minutes) 

5. Guidos of Cozumel has Pizza and Much More

Don’t mess with a classic.  Guidos is a massive Cozumel favorite and the Italian “go-to” for very good reason. And their pizza is delicious. Classic, consistent, delicious.  

Guidos Restaurant and Bar. Be sure to try: Their salads! That’s my favorite part! Some of the best salads in Cozumel, and that’s saying something. 

A freshly baked margherita pizza pie from La Bota in Cozumel Mexico.
Margherita pizza at Cozumel’s La Bota wood-fired pizzeria

6. Rolandi’s for Pizza on the Waterfront

Rolandi’s kinda seems like Guido’s kid sister, to me, despite the fact that it’s part of a chain-let of restaurants in the area.   

It’s really nice and good, same puffy garlic bread, similarly professional table service…but somehow kind of in the shadows.  

I really like eating there in their breezy, water-side diving area, and I love the waiters and the whole (huge) menu.  

Plus, their pizza is also really good – in fact, this was long my favorite. And part of that is because they also have the anchovies.  Case closed! 

Some nights, they’re the only game in town for us. 

Rolandi’s in Cozumel.  Be sure to try:  Pizza Napolitana (w/anchovies), or many many other choices!

7. Sorrisi Pizza is an Old-School Classic

Walking into Sorrisi the first time was kind of like walking into an old-school Italian restaurant back in New Haven or New York.  It’s a beautiful restaurant with excellent Italian food and top-notch service.  

The pizza was delicious, and I was relieved they had to-go boxes because I didn’t want to let any of it go to waste.  

I admit I haven’t made it to Sorrisi as often as the others, so this is a little unfair. It’s definitely on our Cozumel Food Overview post with other Italian spots, and I will definitely go back and suspect it will move up the list.

I guess it’s slightly pricier than some others, so that’s one strike, maybe.  But I am determined to return – I have to put it to the test again. 

If you want other choices, though, and a really special setting and a menu full of delicious food?  Try this place – it’s great and full of old-world charm.  

Their 100s of 5-star reviews are glowing, with many saying it’s the best restaurant in town.  

Sorrisi Restaurant Cozumel. Be sure to try: Pepperoni pizza, lobster pizza.  

8. New Especias Modern Italian in Cozumel

New Especias is a chic, cozy (yet two-story) restaurant in Centro.  It has a full Italian menu and a charming decor of black-and-white photos of famous and iconic figures from old Hollywood and other veins of popular culture.  

New Especias.  Be sure to try:  The Pizza Nutella for dessert, after any of the wonderful dishes on the menu.

9. La Cocay – Try the Pizza Lisa

La Cocay is a solid choice, and an awesome restaurant, overall.

I especially like La Cocay’s vegetarian selections, like the Pizza Lisa, with spinach, garlic, and mushroom.  

But it’s the whole package here – great sauce, good and special pies, and a really good crust.  

And again, the restaurant is the whole package, too – their various salads, meat entrees, and pasta are terrific, all in a nice restaurant with indoor dining and a back garden area. 

La Cocay.  Be sure to try:  Pizza Lisa and the stellar and unusual Pizza Danny, with a cheese blend, apples, and black cherries.  yum.

10. Benitos Pizzeria in Cozumel – Part of the Neighborhood

Despite my pizza pedigree, the small rural town my parents moved to didn’t share New Haven’s pizza cred.  But there were a few places dotted around the general area, including my favorite childhood spot called “G&F Pizzaria.”  

Benitos is like my Cozumel version of G&F! 

Friendly and pretty, a small, low-key, homey sort of ‘red sauce joint’, tucked back into town on a quiet block.  

They opened up a few years back and immediately became my favorite place to go in for dinner, or also to order take-out or delivery. Not only was everyone on the staff so nice and fun, but the food is also really good. 

I especially love their Margarita pizza, and that it comes with a variety of seasoned olive oils to drizzle on top.  

Some fresh out of the oven pizza with garlic and basil-infused olive oil?  Yes, please.  

You may note, they’re a little down on my current list because their crust has slipped a bit, in my mind.  But I still order from there – great Caesar salad, too – and they’re worth trying.  

(I’m actually hoping to get some resistance on this crust review, and any others.  Bring it.)  

Benitos Pizza & Pasta. Be sure to try:  Margarita pizza, and the “Benito’s salad”.  Perfect meal. 

11. Ninos Pizza – Perfect for Delivery

Ninos is good, solid, pizza.  I personally don’t get it that much, and can’t truly “rave” about it, but it’s a popular choice.

Nino’s is a good call if you want delivery to your hotel, or want to plan a large order for a group or a party.  They have awesome deals and are busy and easy to find and arrange an order on social media. 

Follow them and take advantage of their frequent family deals (with extras thrown in, or 2-for-1 deals, etc.) 

Pizzeria Ninos.  Be sure to try: Their FB page for many good deals

12. Los Seras Brings Pastor to Pizza

Los Seras is an old standby in Cozumel on Avenida 30, a little bit into town. 

It’s primarily known as a good casual Mexican restaurant, mainly serving up tacos pastor and other local favorites each night. 

They had a stroke of genius, though, when they created their Pizza al Pastor. 

Kind of a fusion twist on both the tacos al pastor, and also the “Hawaiian pizza” with pineapple that’s popular in Canada and the U.S. 

The Pizza Pastor at Los Seras is topped with the delicious pork cooked on a vertical trompo, and diced pineapple, cilantro, and minced onion – just like their taco cousin.  But with cheese! 

(see our related post on ordering Tacos “like a local” for more on al pastor)

Los Seras. Be sure to try: Pizza al pastor

Finally, in case they’re reading this, I want to add one more in memoriam: 

13. Fellini’s Pizza (R.I.P.)

Oh, rest in peace, you cool little hole in the wall, with awesome Detroit style pizza.  I loved this place. Maybe it will reappear someday. 

14. Cozumel Pizza Runners-Up:  

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried every pizza in town.  But I will try! 

I still want to get to several more, especially some neat little hole-in-the wall types! I will do that, soon. I’m looking at you, both – Pancho’s and Island Pizza

But some others? I don’t really need to try them – been there, done that. But in the service of creature comforts and familiarity, we do have these two in town: 

Pizza Hut:  Once, an old favorite – hits the spot sometimes, right? So if you like it, it’s here.)

Domino’s: No review needed, right?  But, they have a handy app (awesome), right? And it’s another country! So, maybe your best call. 

For more info on our best Cozumel restaurant recommendations while you’re here on vacation, start with this full restaurant guide to Cozumel, next.

Vegetarians should also consult this plant-based options post, here.

And when you’re ready to walk off those delicious slices of pizza, here are some more downtown Cozumel activities to try, and some of our favorite and authentic Cozumel shopping spots.

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